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New Rank FF June 2021 With Free Fire's Highest Rank Points

Fingka.com – For those of you who are new to playing the Free Fire game for the Elite Pass Season 25, it is mandatory to first know the FF New Rank in full.

The Free Fire game is the most popular mobile battle royale game in Indonesia today.

After Garena Free Fire made the latest update in June 2021 with various updates that are more interesting.

The Free Fire game itself also uses a rank system for both Pro Players and regular FF players, each using the same FF New Rank system.

The purpose and objective of setting the New FF Rank for June 2021 is to be able to provide a balanced competition for all Free Fire game players to match the abilities and skills they have when playing their respective FF games.

In the previous season, FF’s New Rank for the highest level was the Heroic Rank in the Free Fire game.

However, because there are still quite high differences in skills and abilities between players in this Heroic FF Rank, finally Garena Free Fire added the highest new FF rank, namely Grand Master.

For Free Fire game players who want to get the New FF Grand Master Rank, they must be in the top 300 players in their respective regions when playing this Free Fire game.

The following is the New FF Rank Order given by Garena Free Fire starting from the lowest FF rank to the Highest Rank in the Free Fire game

  1. Bronze (Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III)
  2. Silver (Silver I, Silver II, Silver III)
  3. Gold (Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Gold IV)
  4. Platinum (Platinum I, Platinum II, Platinum III, Platinum IV)
  5. Diamonds (Diamond I, Diamond II, Diamond III, Diamond IV)
  6. Heroic
  7. Grand Master

FF’s New Rank System is only valid in two game modes, namely Ranked Game and Clash Squad Mode.

The total New FF Rank Points that must be met in order to reach their respective Rank levels from the lowest FF Rank to the highest FF New Rank are as follows:

  • Bronze 1: 1000 points
  • Bronze 2: 1050 points
  • Bronze 3: 1150 points
  • Silver 1: 1250 points
  • Silver 2 : 1350 points
  • Silver 3: 1450 points
  • Gold 1: 1550 points
  • Gold 2 : 1663 points
  • Gold 3: 1788 points
  • Gold 4: 1913 points
  • Platinum 1: 2038 points
  • Platinum 2: 2163 points
  • Platinum 3: 2288 points
  • Platinum 4: 2413 points
  • Diamonds 1: 2538 points
  • Diamond 2: 2675 points
  • Diamond 3: 2825 points
  • Diamond 4: 2975 points
  • Heroic : 3125 points
  • Grand Master : Top 300 region

For those of you who want to quickly increase the FF Rank you have, you can use the Double Experience Card that you can get from the Event or from the Crate.

By using this Double Experience card, you will double the number of points you get for every match you play in this Free Fire Game.

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