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New Features of Sakura School Simulator 1,038.73

New Features of Sakura School Simulator 1,038.73

Hello friends, who is waiting for the latest update of the latest version of the Sakura School Simulator Game. Maybe some of you still haven’t updated the Sakura School Simulator game version 1,038.73, maybe there are time constraints or quotas that prevent you from updating to the latest version.

Don’t worry, buddy, this time I will discuss what the latest updates are the Sakura School Simulator Game version 1.038.73, before you see the 1.038.73 version update, you can see the latest feature article for the Sakura School Simulator game version 1.038.72 buddy.

Because of the large number of players from Sakura School Simulator, this game is still very popular and a lot of people are still playing it until now, and many are also looking forward to the latest updates from this game. you know what’s new in the game and you can also know when playing the game, keep reading, the explanation that the admin will convey so that you understand what features are updated this time, friend.

The Sakura School Simulator game doesn’t stop updating the game some time ago, which was mentioned that it hasn’t been updated for a long time, now in less than 1 week the Sakura School Simulator game updates regularly, so let’s just explain what the updates are, my friend.

Features of Sakura School Simulator version 1.038.73

1. Menu Props

Previously updated there were a lot of additions in the props sub menu, you can immediately try clicking the porps menu and then you slide the menu to the left and then you look for the other menu there are additional hammer traps like the water area, so you can immediately install hammer traps everywhere what you want, and there is also an addition to the cooking foos l menu after being updated to version 73 you will get your hamburger food, friend

2. Live music club

The next addition is updated this time in the live music live menu, there are several songs for male characters, to be able to enjoy the music first you change the character to male, after that you enter the live music club menu and then you just go into the room where the music is buddy, after that point your character into the microphone, just click action, now you can enjoy the addition of the latest music.

The updated sakura school simulator game version 1.038.73 is not as much as the previous version but with this update it’s still very interesting to try, so what are you waiting for play the game and feel the sensation of adding the newest features, friend

Maybe that’s all I can convey first about the latest features of sakura school simulator 1.038.73, hopefully it will help and you can try it at your respective homes

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