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Never say this word to your partner, especially when fighting

Never say this word to your partner, especially when fighting

Pikipo – Having a relationship is not always going to be fine.

Sometimes there are also times where you will fight and it can even make your relationship end just like that.

In a relationship, understanding is needed from both parties in order to make a lasting relationship.

Quarrels in relationships are usually also often due to mistakes in conveying something, for example the words we say can actually hurt their feelings.

Well, this time Pikipo will discuss about the words that you should not say to your partner even though you are fighting. This is because these words will hurt and make your relationship worse.

1. You don’t know how long I’ve been holding back

Surely these words will be very painful when heard by a partner or ourselves. Whatever you feel, it is better to express it immediately and as soon as possible to resolve it.

If you continue to hold yourself back and finally say the words above, it is guaranteed that you will be hurt.

2. My ex never said that

Who will like it when your partner compares you to their ex? Comparing your partner to your ex will certainly hurt him and your relationship will definitely get more complicated.

If you have already chosen your partner, be sure to accept him or her. If there is something you don’t like, it’s better if you talk about it right away, instead of adding to the problem.

3. I should have chosen him, not you

Words like this might be thrown out when a fight occurs. But believe me, to repair your usual relationship will be very difficult because he will continue to remember these words.

And if one day there is an argument again, chances are your partner will always remember those words.

4. People like you won’t understand

Although these words don’t look too bad, they are actually very offensive.

Words like this are very disturbing and make one think hard.

If you say these words to your partner, especially when you are fighting, he will most likely shut up and leave you immediately.

Those are words that can hurt your partner’s feelings.

So please avoid it as much as possible, so that things don’t happen that you don’t want.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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