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Mystery Shop Free Fire January 2021 is back, here's the list of prizes!

Fingka.com – Want to get a skin bundle at a low price? So don’t miss it mystery shop event ff January 2021. Yep, that’s right, one of the most awaited events by free fire players is back. After previously this mystery shop was also present in December 2021.

But it seems Garena still wants to be kind by holding the event again. So why shouldn’t we miss this mystery shop event? Because of course this is the opportunity to get your dream skin bundle at a very cheap price. Are you more curious? For more details, please refer to the following discussion.

Mystery Shop FF event January 2021

As explained above, this is the most awaited event by free fire players. Mystery Shop is a time where skins and bundles that were previously sold or sold at high prices, will now become very cheap. Because the skin bundle will get a discount of up to 90% at the mystery shop from the original price.

That’s why those of you who are having a dream skin but haven’t gotten it yet because the price is very expensive, then this is the right time. You will have the opportunity to get the dream bundle at a very cheap price. No wonder this Mystery Shop event is always awaited by ff players every month.

When is the Mystery Shop FF January 2021 Event?

The news about the return of the mystery shop event in January 2021 has indeed spread since a few days ago. So for those of you who have been waiting for it for a long time, please prepare diamonds first. Because it will be a shame if you miss the event later. This is one of the best opportunities to get your dream skin.

Because the name alone is Mystery Shop FF January 2021, then of course the event will be present this month. For the exact date, we just wait for the announcement from Garena. What is certain is that the event will be present in the near future, so you just have to prepare a sufficient number of diamonds. So that later you can buy up all the cheap skin bundle prizes that are present.

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Mystery Shop FF Prize List January 2021

Mystery Shop FF Event Prize January 2021

So, are you curious about what rewards and skins will be present at the mystery shop event in January 2021? From the news circulating, it seems that this time the mystery shop carries the theme of FF x One Punch Man. Because it is a collaboration event that was recently held by Garena Free Fire. So for those of you who missed it and didn’t get the skin, you can really buy it through this event at a cheaper price.

From the leaks, the grand prizes for this event are the One Punch Man Suit and Genos Suit skins. In addition to the Saitama and Genos skin bundles, there are many other rewards that will be present at the Mystery Shop FF 2021. Here’s a leaked complete list of skin bundles and other items that you can get:

  • One Punch Man Royale Voucher
  • Saitama Ticket
  • Incubator Voucher
  • Blue Flame Draco Token Box
  • Megalodon Alpha Token Box
  • Elite Pass Card S33
  • Specter Squad Badge Bundle
  • Taunting Dino
  • Rebel Academy
  • I Heart You Emote
  • LOL Emotes
  • Change Name Card
  • And many others…


That’s the complete discussion about the mystery shop free fire event January 2021. For those of you who crave these skins, don’t miss this one event. Because there are many interesting bundles and items that come with super cheap discount prices. For further update information, please wait only at Jakarta Studio.

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