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Mr. Anas, the Viral Penghulu from Malang, his advice is funny and makes netizens laugh on Tiktok

Mr. Anas Penghulu Viral – A few days ago, a leader on the Tiktok application went viral, which made netizens laugh when they saw the uploaded video. How could I not, the advice that should have been said with kindness instead turned out to be funny.

In the video that is currently viral, it shows a penghulu who will start the wedding ceremony and will then give wise advice to the bride and groom.

Not only that, the video also shows the families of the two bride-to-be who are ready to listen to the words of the headmaster.

Immediately the prince said the words to carry out the marriage contract. However, an interesting thing actually happened, namely the advice given to the bride-to-be and the whole family was touched while holding back laughter due to the actions of the penghulu.

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It is known that the name of the penghulu is Mr. Anas, the chief from Malang. Thanks to his funny advice, now many other prospective brides also want to be married with the help of Mr. Anas. After going viral on the tiktok application, now the name of Mr. Anas is increasingly recognized by netizens.

The funniest question that Mr. Anas gave to the bride and groom was “Start the prayer before making, have you memorized the prayer, son? ‘ said the groom yet. Suddenly, Mr. Anas was surprised because he didn’t know the prayer. Another question is “Now how many minutes does it take to make a child, son?” The bride replied bismillah.

Currently, Pak Anas, the viral leader, is widely found on the TikTok application, so to see it, you just see the upload on his tikto account @antzcreato which is the uploader.

Come on, hurry up and watch the video, guys, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh and make your stomach churn.

That’s how the discussion about Pak Anas Penghulu went viral from Malang. Thanks for reading and enjoy guys.

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