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Moco Store FF Event FF Hacker Store with Permanent Skin Prizes!

Fingka.com – The Moco Store FF event or the FF Hacker Store event is re-opened and has lots of permanent skin prizes and permanent legend skins that you can get easily!

The latest Moco Store FF event 2021 or better known as the FF Hacker Store Event is actually cooler than the FF mystery shop event.

By participating in the latest FF moco store event this month, you will have the opportunity to get many cool bundles as well as permanent skins and legend skins that can rarely be found in other FF events.

The requirements to get all the FF permanent skin bundles and prizes in the FF moco store event or FF Hacker Store event are also very easy, only by using 9 FF diamonds.

The Latest Moco Store FF Event Prizes 2021

The following is a complete list of prizes that you can get when participating in the Moco Store FF event or the latest 2021 FF Hacker Store event at this time.

FF Duo Lunar Bundle

Red Star FF Bundle

FF White Walker Bundle

Violet Scarlet FF Bundle

Fortune Tellers FF Bundle

Gloo Wall Dragon FF Skins

Skin MP40 Crazy Bunny

Skin M60 Pumpkin Flames

Skin Scar Phantom Assassin FF

Skin M1014 Wastelands FF

Latest AWM Vandal Revolt FF Skin

In addition to the cool prizes above, you can also get other interesting prizes that are too bad to miss just by doing a Moco Store FF spin event using only 9 FF diamonds.

This is a list of other interesting prizes that you can collect just by doing a spin using only 9 FF diamonds in the latest 2021 FF Moco Store event at this time

The Glacker Devil Hunter Bundle

Devil Hunter Bundle

Bundle Annihilator

Warrior Bundle

Full Stealth Bag

Cupid’s Scar Weapon

AK Dragon Weapons

FF Jota characters

Vampire Bag

Don’t miss this cool gift from Garena FF, because the Moco Store FF event is very limited in time and of course the prize will be too bad to miss.

Prepare yourself by providing 9 FF diamonds to be able to spin the Moco Store FF event or the latest 2021 FF Hacker Store event.

So don’t miss out on joining the Moco Shop FF September 2021 event this time and collect all the attractive prizes that you can get using only 9 Diamond FF.

This Moco Shop FF Server Indonesia event is also available for FF Servers from other countries, and you can also try using a VPN to login to the FF server in Singapore, FF Server Brazil, Server FF Mexico to collect all the prizes given at the latest Moco Shop FF event. 2021 this time.

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