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ML Season 21 Rank Downgrade, Down to what Tier?

Decrease in ML season 21 rank – In about two days it’s possible that mobile legends will change season 21. This will make the tier rank of the players reset according to the provisions of the montoon side.

With the decline in the ml rank of season 21, it seems that there will be prizes or giveaways from the mobile legends to the players. Usually the giveaway is in the form of a permanent skin and additionally in the form of battle points. In addition, there will be additional new starlight skins in season 21.

What tier will you go down to? Well, that’s what ML players are asking now, because in season 21 there will be a lot of rank adjustments. For those who do not understand can observe the table below.

By looking at the table above, it will provide a reference about what tier you will go down to. And the table above applies to season 21 only, because until now there has been no recent change that regulates the decline in the rank of season 21.

Season Prize

When the ml rank declines season 21, you will get an appreciation from the montoon in the form of exclusive skins for free when the season ends. for the prize in the form of a skin Kaja Crow Magician.

You also get battle points according to the conditions imposed by Montoon. At the same time you also have to give up your tier rank having to reset to a lower tier. Tired of pushing, eh, even down Hehe.

Season 21 Features

In season 21, there will be several new skins, namely the appearance of the starlight skin for hero sun. For those of you who are sun users, their savings are prepared to buy sun skins. Reportedly, the Starlight Hero Sun skin will be released on July 1, 2021.

That’s how the discussion about decreasing the rank of ML season 21 is. If you go down to the hell tier, don’t worry about pushing rank again.

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