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ML Redeem Code Today 5 October 2021, The Lucky One Gets Diamonds

Mobile Legend Redeem Code October 5, 2021, The Lucky Get Diamonds

Pikipo – Mobile Legends game is a MOBA game with the most players on mobile devices. This game is very much in demand from both children and adults.

For Mobile Legend game players, this time I will share a Mobile Legends redeem code that you can exchange for various attractive prizes. The prizes you get vary from tickets, fragments, to diamonds if you are lucky.

This redeem code is usually available when the Legend mobile game is broadcasting live in the official tournament, namely MPL.

For those of you who want to exchange the Redeem code, you can try the Redeem Code below.

ML Redeem Code 5 October 2021

  • m2jcrcfhhxra228vp
  • Gutkjkcqw9p3228vn
  • 79zrywuf9p7y228vq
  • sde952jbv99n228q5
  • zpq3q3yzjtzk228pf
ML Redeem Code Today 5 October 2020, The Lucky One Gets Diamonds

How to Redeem ML Redeem Code

To exchange it is very easy. All you have to do is go to the official website Mobile Legends Code Exchange then enter one of the codes above in the Redemtion Code and you also enter your Mobile Legend ID until the verification step.

For verification, all you have to do is open the message box in your game, now there will be a message containing the verification code from the redemtion code that you entered earlier.

One thing you need to remember, for the redemtion code above the quota is limited, so who gets it the fastest. Good luck and good luck.

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