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Meme Creation Among Us

Meme Creation Among Us

Meme Creation Among Us

Pikipo – The ratification of the Job Creation Bill on October 5 yesterday reaped a lot of cons from the community, especially the workers and employees where they got the biggest impact regarding the ratification of this work copyright bill.

Not only has an impact on society, the ratification of the work copyright bill also has an impact on the Among Us game, which is currently being played by a lot of people.

Is there a connection between the Omnibus law creating work for the Among Us game?

The answer is yes, even on Twitter it’s busy and it’s a trending topic today (6/10/2021). The trending topic related to the game among us is the hashtag #DPRIMPOSTOR with more than 12,500 tweets and counting.

Well apparently Netizens equate the Indonesian House of Representatives with Impostor in the Among Us game related to the ratification of the Job Creation Bill last night. In other words, they consider the DPR RI as a traitor who torments their own colleagues for the sake of one-sided interests or also their own interests.

A little information that the Among Us game is a game that is currently busy playing. In this game, we will be randomly selected as a crewmate or Impostor. Crewmate is the protagonist whose job is to repair the damage on the space ship. Meanwhile, Impostor is a traitor who hides among his crewmates or good people. Impostor is equipped with the power and freedom to carry out his mission, which is to kill all existing cremates without being caught.

So that’s why netizens equate DPR RI with Impostor from the Among Us game where the impostor always pretends to be good among crewmates and betrays when the opportunity arises.

Here are some memes from posts both on Twitter and on many other social media.

So what do you think?

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