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May 2021 ML Redeem Code for Mobile Legends Players!

Fingka.com – May 2021 Redeem ML code, which this time Fingka.com gave specifically for you Mobile Legends game players.

Moonton as the Mobile Legends Game Publisher always provides attractive in-game prizes and of course one of them is the ml redeem code which is eagerly awaited by every ml mobile legends player.

By using this May 2021 Redeem ml code, one of its functions is to be able to get the latest skins, newest ml heroes, even the most sought after is to get ml diamonds for free.

This latest May 2021 Mobile Legends Redeem Code is very much awaited and in demand for all mobile legend players. This mobile legends redeem code is a combination of letters and numbers consisting of 17 digits.

Mobile Legends Redeem Code May 2021

Mobile legends games themselves always do a lot of updates, the graphics in the mobile legends ml game itself have increased to HD graphics, even events that are often held in Indonesia itself have a very large number of viewers.

Here, Fingka.com provides a list of ml redeem codes for the month of May 2021 that you can exchange for the latest prizes for the mobile legends game, namely Emblems, Fragments, even the latest Skins and Diamond ML that you really want.


How to Redeem ML Redeem Code May 2021

1. Redeem the ml code at https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/codexchange/

2. Input your Mobile Legends game user ID

3. Input the verification code then click redeem

4. Login to your already bind Mobile Legends account

5. Prize items will be sent directly via In-game Mail in your Mobile Legends account

For those of you mobile legends players but don’t know how to find your ml game user ID, you can follow the steps below to find out how to see your ml game user ID.

How to View Mobile Legend User ID Number

1. Open the Mobile Legend application

2. Tap account profile photo which is in the upper left corner

3. Search for posts ID:xxxxxxxxxxxx, number xxxxxxxxxxx this is your mobile legend account ID number

4. Write down the number, because that’s your mobile legends User ID number

By successfully exchanging the latest ml May 2021 redeem code above, you have the opportunity to get prizes from the legend mobile game, namely exchanging with Hero Fragments, Rare Fragments and even the opportunity to get the Premium Fragment Skin mobile legend you want.

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