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M4PH4X APK Download Link, Mobile Legends Cheat Application

JSMediaMobile Legends is a MOBA genre game that is very fun to play. And as a MOBA game, of course teamwork is very important to get victory.

However, it is possible for solo players to often experience a loss streak due to getting a bad team. Because we can’t expect much if we play solo. Sometimes met with players who are noobs or even deliberately trolling.

As a result, for those of you who push solo rank, it is not uncommon to often lose and even go down the tier. If you are also experiencing the same thing, then you can try an application called M4PM4x APK. That is an application that contains various kinds of cheats for the Mobile Legends game.

What is M4PH4X APK?

Download M4ph4x apk

As previously mentioned, M4pH4X APK is a special application that contains cheats for the Mobile Legends game. This one tool is certainly intended to make it easier for you to get victory and push rank up to Mythic.

Especially for solo players who often get less good teams, then you can try this one application to increase your chances of victory. With M4PH4X Apk you can get several advantages by using certain cheats.

Not only that, this one application can also be used to get all skins Mobile Legends for free. So you can try expensive skins without having to buy them using diamonds.

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M4PH4X APK Cheat Features

Download M4ph4x apk

So what are the cheats in this M4PH4X application? There are quite a lot and of course it will be very useful when push rank later. Curious? Here are some cheats that you can use on M4PH4X apk:

1. Unlock All Skins

As previously mentioned, one of the excellent features of this application is to unlock all the skins in Mobile Legends. Of course this one feature will be very useful for freeplayers who never top up to buy skins. You can still try good skins that cost up to millions of rupiah.

2. Maximum Emblem

Emblem is one of the items in Mobile Legends that is very influential in the game. Where the emblem can provide additional stats to our hero when the game starts. Of course, an emblem that is already open and at the maximum level will give a better buff. So that your hero will be stronger than the opponent’s hero at the beginning of the game.

3. Drone Views

One of the most sought after cheats by Mobile Legends players is drone views. This feature will make your range of vision wider. So you can find out the enemy’s position around you and avoid ganking easily.

4. Skills Without Cooldown

When you use a skill, after that the skill will enter a cooldown period and cannot be used. However, by using M4PH4X, the cooldown can be removed. So you can use skills continuously without pause.

5. Maphack

The next cheat that is no less important, of course, is maphack. With this cheat, you can easily find out the position of all opponents through the minimap. So you can do ganking, split push or anticipate your opponent easily.

6. Buff Hero Stats

There are several other cheats that are no less interesting, including buffs on the stats of the hero you are using. For example, fast attack speed, movespeed and so on. With this cheat, of course, it will make your hero stronger without having to farm and wait for the item to be finished.

So, are you curious and want to try this one mobile legends cheat application? Here is the application download link M4PH4X APK its free. Please directly download the APK file and follow the tutorial for its use below.

How to Install and Use M4PH4X APK

Download M4ph4x apk

Now after you download the APK file above, you can directly install it like the following guide:

1. Open the app File Manager on each of your HP.
2. Next go to the folder Android > Data.
3. Look for a folder named com.mobile.legends

4. Rename the folder to com.mobile.legends123

5. After that uninstall your mobile legends game.
6. Now look for the file M4PH4x which was downloaded earlier.
7. Install like any other application.
8. Now return the changed folder name to com.mobile.legends

9. Finally you can open game mobile legends.
10. At this point, the cheat is available and you can immediately use it.

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Is M4PH4X Safe to Use?

Every type of cheat in online games is an illegal act which is certainly prohibited from being used. And Moonton has also explicitly prohibited the use of third-party applications that contain cheats.

And if there are still players who continue to use these cheats, Moonton will give punishment. Usually in the form of temporarily suspending the account or the worst being permanently banned.

So there is always a risk behind using cheat applications like M4PH4X. So if you want to try it, please use a new account. So even if you get banned you will not lose.


Well, that’s the discussion about the M4PH4X APK mobile legends cheat application. And once again, it should be reminded that all risks resulting from using the app are the responsibility of each of you. Good luck!

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