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Lucky Spin Trick To Get The Latest Cang'e Skin 100% Work

Pikipo – Lucky Spin Trick To Get The Latest Cang’e Skin

Lucky Spin Trick To Get The Latest Cang'e Skin 100% Work

Lucky Spin in the Mobile Legends game is one of the things that players have been waiting for, especially for free players. With this Lucky Spin feature we can get skins or heroes for free just by using tickets that we can get through events or prizes from the end of the season.

Because season 18 has just started, many players have lots of tickets because of the end of season prizes. With this ticket, we can use it at lucky spin to get the skin Chang’e Moonstruck to replace the Jawhead hero which was available yesterday at Lucky Spin.

To get it we can say luck and if we are lucky then we will get the skis by only spending a little ticket. But the worst thing is that we don’t get the skin even though we have spent thousands of tickets.

To minimize this occurrence, we can use the Lucky Spin Trick to get the Cang’e Moonstruck Skin. Here is the trick.

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Lucky Spin Trick To Get The Latest Cang’e Skin

1. Open lucky spin. Wait until the chang’e animation is finished while pressing the chang’e image. after that do not spin first.

2. Find the chang’e hero and watch all the animations of the chang’e hero both the hero animation and all the skins until it’s finished.

3. Look in the shop – skin – and look for the skin chang e Moonstruck then watch the animation again until it’s finished, continue watching the animation of all the other skin chang e until it’s finished.

4. Return to the Lucky spin menu and repeat the first step.

5. After repeating the first step, click 5 times on each prize in lucky spin as many times as possible.

6. After that exit and enter classic mode, click start but don’t enter and wait until the matchmacing is complete. After that comes out, here we will get a credit score reduction of 1.

7. After that go to Lucky spin and repeat step 5 then we start spinning with 20 tickets.

8. Mandatory. Use a maximum of 5X spins using 20 tickets, and if you don’t get it, please repeat the method above according to what I gave.

By using this trick, the admin managed to get the Chang’e monster skin in Lucky Spin by only using 60 tickets or with 3x spins.

So that was the trick to get the Chang’e Moonstruck skin for free at Lucky Spin Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article is useful.

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