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Location of 4 Strange Tooth in Genshin Impact

JSMedia – Festering Fang is a world quest that is quite difficult for most Genshin Impact players. This quest is also a rare opportunity for players to get the Dragonspine Spear.

Where Dragonpine Spear is one of the free weapons that is very strong but does not require whises to get it. So even free players have the opportunity to get it without having to top up.

Now to complete the Festering Fang quest, players must collect several items requested by an NPC named Orban. One of the items requested is 4 Strange Tooth. Where many players find it difficult to find where the location is.

List of Locations 4 Strange Tooth Genshin Impact

Actually it’s not a difficult thing to find the item if you know the place. LThe location of the four Strange Tooths in Genshin Impact is Dragonspine. Three of them are in the north and one in the south.

Location of Strange Tooth Genshin Impact

For more details, you can see some strange tooth places that have been marked on the map above. Please follow the markings and comb the area around to find them. Here are some location details:

Location of Strange Tooth Genshin Impact

  • First Location: Look for a torch, you will find Strange Tooth nearby.
  • Second Location: Find a small island, Strange Tooth will be there.
  • Third Location: Enter the Red Cave in Vyrmrest Valley, you can find it in it.
  • Fourth Location: It’s near the beach.

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Festering Fang’s Other Quest Items

Location of Strange Tooth Genshin Impact

As previously mentioned, Strange Tooth is only one of several items that we must collect to complete the Festering Fang world quest.

There are other items that we also have to get, such as the Notrhtlander Polearm Protoype which you can get through the Spiral Abyss or level up the Frostbearing Tree.

In addition, you also have to collect a number of Starsilver Ore. Usually the northern region of Dragonspine is a good place to collect them.

How to Complete the Festering Fang Quest

When you have managed to collect all the items needed. The next step we need to fill one of the Strange Teeth with vitality, then return to the 3 locations where we found the Strange Teeth before.

Location of Strange Tooth Genshin Impact

While on the way, you will have to face several Fatui. They will get a Vitalized Dragontooth when they prove their victory. Then just go back and talk to Orban to hand over your items and collect your gifts.

Find More Strange Tooth and Vitalized Dragontooth

If you have managed to get the Dragontooth Spear, then you also need some Strange Teeth and Vitalized Dragoonteeth to perfect it. But there’s no need to worry because the Strange Tooth will reappear in the 4 previous locations. So you can collect them again so you can perfect the Dragontooth Spear.

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So that’s a little guide to complete the Festering Fang quest Genshin Impact. Use the information from the Strange Tooth location above so that you can collect items requested by Orban faster.

Because this quest is one of the rare opportunities to get a powerful weapon for free, you know, so don’t miss it.

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