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List of PS5 game titles that will also be released on PC

Ghostwire Tokyo PS5

PlayStation is one of Sony’s main lines of business to enter the world of video games. However, what remains firmly entrenched despite its rival Microsoft stepping out of its comfort zone is an exclusive game that has helped keep console sales stable to this day, including for the next-gen PS5 console.

Last November, Sony officially launched the PlayStation 5. In recent years, some exclusive Sony game titles that are only available on the PlayStation console itself have succeeded in attracting the interest of many gamers. At that time, of course, this also increased sales of the PlayStation 4 console.

Sony enters the PC market

Quite a few of them are forced to buy a PlayStation console in droves just to play these exclusive games. Not that long ago, Sony officially launched the PS5 itself. What is certain is that they are also preparing exclusive game titles for this next-gen console.

However, will Sony’s exclusive game just last for the PlayStation console? Of course not. Looking back a year, it is known that Sony has begun to be interested in trying other platform markets than its own. And of course that market is the PC market.

We can find this information on Sony, which recently brought Horizon Zero Dawn to PC as well. Slowly but surely, Sony is currently trying to enter the PC market. At the 2021 CES conference or Consumer Electronic Show, Sony announced which PS5 games will also be released for the PC platform, as well as the month and year of release of those game titles.

List of PlayStation 5 games that will also be released for PC

For those of you curious about what PS5 game titles will also be released on PC, you can check out the list below

  • Hitman 3 – January 2021
  • Hit: Bridge of Spirits – March 2021
  • Solar ash – June 2021
  • Little Devil Inside – July 2021
  • Ghostwire Tokyo – October 2021
  • Lost – October 2021
  • Project Athia – January 2022
  • Pragmatism – 2023
What do you think of some of the above games? Are you interested in looking forward to their presence on the PC? Don’t miss any other game news only on Game.

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