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List of Locations and Bait for Fishing Rusty Koi, Angelfish and Medaka

JSMedia – Since the Genshin Impact 2.1 update yesterday, one of the things that has attracted the most attention is its presence Fishing System. This latest feature does bring new gameplay in Genshin Impact.

Now we can fish a variety of fish in a variety of different locations. Until now, there are several types of fish available for catching such as Rusty Koi, Angelfish and Medaka. Where is the place to fish these fish?

Fishing Point Locations for Fishing in Genshin Impact

Please note that each type of fish generally lives in different places. In addition, they also respond to different baits from each other. So you have to know the exact location of the fishing point along with the bait that can be used to fish it.

Rusty Koi Fishing Locations

Rusty Koi Fishing Locations

Rusty Koi is one of the koi fish variants in Genshin Impact. He is depicted with a large fish that is said to be a descendant of a dragon. You can fish this one fish by using Fake Fly Bait bait.

To make the bait, you will need materials in the form of 1 Sakura Bloom and 1 Horsetail. Here are some locations for fishing Rusty koi:

1. Whispering Forest (Mondstadt)

Rusty Koi Genshin Impact Fishing Locations

2. Luhua Pond, Wangshu Inn and Guili Plain (Liyue)

Rusty Koi Genshin Impact Fishing Locations

3. Between Koeski Village and Fort Hiraumi Island (Inazuma)

Rusty Koi Genshin Impact Fishing Locations

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Medaka Fishing Locations

Medaka Fish Fishing Location

One of the common and fairly easy types of fish to find in Genshin Impact. You can fish Medaka fish by using Fruit Paste Bait as bait. Some of the ingredients you will need include 1 Wheat and 1 Sunsettia.

For fishing points, the medaka fish are scattered in various areas of Inazuma, Liyue and Mondstadt. Here are some locations to catch Medaka fish.

1. Stormbearer Mountains

Rusty Koi Genshin Impact Fishing Locations

2. Lake Cidar

Rusty Koi Genshin Impact Fishing Locations

3. Windrise

Rusty Koi Genshin Impact Fishing Locations

4. Stormterror’s Lair

Stormterror's Lair

5. Dihua Marsh

Dihua Marsh

6. Dragonspine


7. Tianqiu Valley

Tianqiu Valley

8. Bishui Plains

Bishui Plains

9. Mount Aocang

Mount Aocang

10. Mount Hulao

Mount Hulao

11. Suigetsu Pond (Inazuma)

Suigetsu Pond (Inazuma)

12. Sangonomiya Shrine

Sangonomiya Shrine

13. Koeski Desa Village

Koeski Desa Village

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Raimei Angelfish Fishing Locations

Raimei Angelfish Fishing Locations

Is a rare and valuable butterfly fish variant from Inazuma. This type of fish likes an electro-enriched environment. You can fish Raimei Angelfish using False Worm Bait bait. The materials you need are 1 Berry and 1 Slime Condensate.

For those who want to catch this fish, you can come to the fishing point at 18:00 – 06:00 ingame time. Here are the locations for fishing Raimei Anglefish:

Genshin Impact Angelfish Fishing Locations


That’s a little discussion about the location for fishing for Rusty Koi, Medaka Fish and Raime Angelfish. You can come to these places and bring the right bait. Wait for other interesting information only at Jakarta Studio.

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