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LifeAt Io Celebrity, Army BTS You Can Learn With Your Bias

JSMedia – Skipping teaching and learning activities at home is a bit boring. The pandemic period is still ongoing, maybe learning activities at home will be longer. However, LifeAt io Celebrity can prevent boredom while studying

There are so many websites or applications that carry the theme of online learning with artists. However, LifeAt io celebrity is an application that is highly recommended because it can study with Korean artists like BTS.

Not only will you meet BTS, but many other Korean artists can be found in this virtual study. Curious, how does online learning work through zoom learning with Korean artists?

In order to get an idea of ​​​​how to study with Korean artists in this learning zoom, see the following discussion.

What is LifeAt Io Celebrity?

What is LifeAt Io Celebrity?

Included in the group of sites to accompany study time, LifeAt io has many advantages. One of them is having a time marker so that learning becomes more serious.

Not only that, the features in it are also very interesting. One of them is Firut io Celebrity which can bring students together with their favorite artists. Because there will be several choices of videos that will be displayed according to the student’s wishes.

The video will look like you are doing a learning activity with your favorite artist. Of course, with this feature, there is hope that learning will be more focused and happy because it is accompanied by the artist you like.

The list of artists in the io celebrity feature is very large, including Exo, NCT, Twist, Blackpink Rose, Stray Kids, and other artists. This site is perfect for KPOP fans because most of the videos shown are KPOP artists.

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6 Ways to Use the LifeAt Io Celebrity Site for Online Learning

How To Use LifeAt Io Celebrity Site For Online Learning

Seeing the explanation above might make you want to try online learning with LifeAt io. Because learning here will look very fun and happy because it is accompanied by a favorite artist.

For those of you who want to try to learn to use the LifeAt io site, see how to use the site:

  • Visit the official LifeAt io website.
  • After that proceed with setting the desired study time.
  • Continue by pressing the Strat menu so that the timer that has been set can run as desired.
  • On the screen will appear many choices of buttons, you just need to press the celebrity menu button.
  • After pressing the button, artists randomly selected by the system will appear to accompany the learning activities.
  • If you want to change the artist, do it repeatedly in pressing the celebrity menu until you meet your favorite artist.

Apart from that, you can also try various features in LifeAt io. Because in this feature a lot of interesting additional features.

If you ask whether trying to learn to use this site costs money? The answer is no. Because this site provides a dancing learning experience without charging any fees.

Let’s continue to support this site so that it continues to grow and help many people in getting fun learning activities. Don’t forget about other fun things by using BTS Twibbons, that’s really cool. Because this application is very helpful in treating the boredom of learning during the pandemic which can only be done at home.

That was the understanding and how to use the LifeAt io celebrity learning site. Hopefully this information can add to your learning spirit that can be accompanied by your favorite artist. Good luck and enjoy the fun of learning with your favorite famous celebrity.

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