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Let's Know, 3 Ways to Overcome Bad Sector Hard Drives on Windows

JSMedia – Bad sectors on the hard disk make the owner worried because some of the hard disk space is damaged. As a result, the sector cannot respond to user requests. Since matters can be complex, it’s no wonder many are curious how to fix bad sectors hard disk.

Bad sector damage can be caused by many things. For example, physical damage caused by a fall, or it could be a damaged hard drive in the software section. Physically damaged hard drives cannot be repaired. As for the damaged hard drive, the software can be overcome.

The Easiest Way to Overcome Bad Sector Hard Drives

For those who experience bad sectors on the hard drive, you don’t need to worry. Because there are several ways to solve this problem. Here’s a summary.

1. Via Windows

1. Via Windows

Currently Windows already has the Disk Check Tools feature whose function is to check the computer’s hard drive. Whether the hard drive used is affected by bad sectors or not. These tools can be run manually or automatically.

Windows automatically runs a disk check if a hard drive has problems, including bad sectors. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Open the app Windows Explorer first.
  • Right click in the part of the drive you want to scan.
  • choose Properties.
  • Move to Tools tab.
  • choose Check Now in the error checking section.
  • After that, a program appears that can be selected according to conditions.
  • You can check both options to scan and fix bad sectors.

If the drive is in use, this repair process cannot run. Windows also schedules automatic checks when the user restarts the computer. The process is a bit long because it takes up to hours. So you can scan when the computer is not in use. Here’s how:

  • Open Command Prompt in Administrator mode.
  • Type chkntfs/xc:.
  • Press Enter to cancel the disk scan scheduling.

2. Via HDD Regenerator

2. Via HDD Regenerator

HDD Regenerator is a computer software whose function is to repair bad sectors on the HDD. The application will perform a recovery or repair on the problematic sector. So that the problem of bad sectors can be fixed and finally can run as usual.

HDD can be used for all brands of computer hard drives. Here’s how to solve the problem of hard disk bad sectors using this application:

  • Download and install the HDD Regenerator software first through the following link https://www.nesabamedia.com/download-hdd-regenerator/.
  • Open the HDD Regenerator APP.

On the main page, you will find two options, namely Bootable USB Flash which is used to fix bad sectors via USB cable, or Bootable CD/ROOM which recovers bad sectors via DVD.

In addition, in the main menu you will also find additional menus such as full version, help, regeneration and the words check click here to repair bad sectors.

  • To start the repair, you can choose Regeneration.
  • After that select Start Process Under Windows.
  • Specify drive that you want to scan.
  • choose Start Process.

After that a CMD will appear that tells the HDD Regenerator to repair bad sectors on the hard drive. When finished, it will display the words scan but do not repair, show statistics, scan and repair, and others.

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3. Via Spinrite

3. Via Spinrite

Another software that can be used to overcome bad sectors is Spinrite. This software is almost the same as HDD Regenerator. However Spinrite works with system boot. By using this software, you do not need to use two hard drives on one computer.

To work, you just need to use a hard drive or DVD for a bootable ISO file. After that do the burning step. With a simpler process, of course, the process of repairing hard disk bad sectors becomes faster.

How to Prevent Bad Sector Hard Drive

How to Prevent Bad Sector Hard Drive

Repair is easy but it’s good to prevent hard disk bad sectors. Here are some ways that can be applied:

  1. The computer must have a cooling system that works optimally.
  2. Make sure the room around the computer is always clean.
  3. Avoid using the computer in a hot room.
  4. Don’t forget to install antivirus and do regular scans.
  5. Use a UPS to prevent the computer from shutting down suddenly.
  6. Arrange all the connected cables so they don’t fall apart.
  7. Turn off the computer if you want to move the device elsewhere.
  8. Don’t forget to back up all data on your computer regularly.

How to fix bad sectors hard disk we discussed above. For those who need it, you can choose one of the most suitable ways. So that the problem does not reoccur, you must take the best possible precautions so as not to interfere with the comfort when using the device.

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