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Let's Find Out How To Overcome System UI Has Stopped On Android

Jakarta Studio – How to fix System UI has stopped on Android is one solution that you must understand as a loyal user. Especially if on a smartphone there are many applications and ultimately make the performance do not match the capacity or specifications of the type of cellphone.

Some Ways to Overcome System UI Has Stopped on Android

Stopping the System UI on Android suddenly when you are operating a smartphone is the most common problem experienced by Android users. There are various factors for this to happen. But there’s no need to worry because there is a solution, here’s the review

  1. Clearing System UI Cache

System UI serves to temporarily store Android data or another term is cache. If there is a buildup, then it is possible to create obstacles such as the cessation of the System UI. Here’s how to fix it.

  • Go to settings on your Android.
  • Select the “Applications” menu.
  • Scroll down, and look for System UU.
  • Go to the storage section.
  • Then, click ‘Clear Data/Cache.

After you clear the cache in the system Ui, then restart the smartphone. This method is the most common method used by many people to solve the problem. So, the success rate is very guaranteed and obstacles can be overcome.

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  1. Update Android

The cause of the system UI stopping could be caused by not havingupdate Android belongs to the user. As a result, it makes smartphones become not responding for all orders given. Here’s how toupdates Android.

  • Open the settings menu of your smartphone.
  • Select the “About Phone” menu.
  • Then, tap on the “Update” command.
  • Wait during the update process.
  • Make sure the phone battery is full.
  • Because this process is quite time consuming.

Doing an update to Android not only solves the problem of stopping the system UI but other obstacles as well. Therefore, it’s a good idea to turn on update notifications so that later you can get information about it.

  1. Using HP Cache Partition and Clear Dalvik Cache

The way to solve the system Ui has stopped on the next Android is to use the help of the HP cache partition and clear the dalvik cache. The process can be said to be quite different from the previous method. Here are the steps for using it.

  • Make sure your smartphone battery is full.
  • Turn off the cellphone first.
  • In the off position the cellphone is off.
  • Press the volume up and down button.
  • Do it simultaneously.
  • Enter the “Wipe” menu.
  • Select Wipe Partition and Dalvik Cache.

This method can be said to deal directly with the smartphone system cache, open only the UI. For the method to the recovery menu, in general it varies depending on the type of cellphone. So, first find out about your smartphone’s recovery button.

  1. RAM Capacity Control

In a full RAM condition, there are many obstacles that will occur when you operate a smartphone, including the cessation of the System UI. Therefore, another method of overcoming this problem is to check the RAM. Here are the steps.

  • Use the Memory Info application.
  • Download and Run the Application.
  • Open the “RAM” menu.
  • See information about RAM”.
  • If it’s full, go to settings.
  • Select the “Applications” menu.
  • Force stop on unimportant apps.

By stopping applications that are not too important and rarely used, it will indirectly make the capacity and performance of RAM better. However, if it doesn’t work enough, uninstall some platforms on your smartphone.

That was the discussion about several ways to overcome the system UI has stopped on Android. The above method is the most common step and is often used by many people in finding solutions to these problems.

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