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Leaked Features in PS4 Firmware 3.00 Update

PlayStation 4 is a next generation console that’s currently on the rise amid the onslaught of other competitors. This is because there are many exclusive games that adorn the console. Of course, Sony always provides regular firmware updates so that the system can run properly on the PlayStation 4. The firmware update 3.00 is definitely expected by gamers.

The look of the firmware update 3.00 for the PlayStation 4 tends more towards the social aspect. Saw a lot of interfaces that have changed a lot. In addition to the appearance, the update also promises better stability for the PlayStation 4 computer when running various games. It is not yet known when the firmware update will be officially released for PlayStation 4 users.

Update This latest update will bring various new features like the ability to perform Live streaming via YouTube, sharing videos via Twitter, additional options for “Event” and “Communities” and others.

If you signed up to join the beta of. have registered Firmware You should be able to try to download now at the latest Firmware 3.00 now.

It is certainly expected that the presence of these updates would make the PlayStation 4 more stable while running. Apparently, Sony also wants to network gamers around the world so that communication via the platform becomes easier. This is borne out by the many social aspects that are being added and further developed this time in the firmware update 3.00. Are you interested in owning a Playstation 4 console now?

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