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Latest! Is Love Money Apk Really Safe Money Making or a Scam?

While there are people who want big profits in a short time, the application money game will continue to exist. One of the newest is the Love Money Apk money-making application. However, recently, pplatform This is being discussed hotly related to security and authenticity.

In the era of the internet as it is now, new ideas to be able to make money from the internet quickly are popping up a lot. Starting from being a freelancer, selling goods, to join applications that claim and guarantee members can earn in the form of money and in an easy way.

Seeing how it works, which is very simple and easy, it is not surprising that many ordinary people are easily tempted. Besides being practical, they are also tempted by the lure of large and fast income from the money they invest. Until now, there are still many people who register on related applications.

One of them is in Love Money Apk. There have been many testimonials from old users who convinced the target to join. Well, as a savvy internet user, you must be aware of the importance of making sure whether it is guaranteed to be safe or not money game Ponzi?

What is Love Money Apk?

What is Love Money Apk

For those who don’t know, Love Money Apk is an investment business application that claims to be able to earn money if it manages to earn money downline. Para downline, the designation for subordinate members brought by old members, must deposit a certain amount of money. From there the member who invites will get a commission. This commission is then called easy passive money income.

The system is similar to the MLM system that has been a hit. Just like MLM, Love Money has leader which will invite people to become new members. Here, the regeneration of new members plays a very important role in the progress of this kind of business.

Unlike other money-making applications such as TikTok Cash, for example, Love Money Apk does not require members to like or watch advertising videos for points. You just need to be patient waiting for the points to accumulate. If the number of points is sufficient, you can exchange them for money.

Investment System in Love Money Apk

The flow of the money game that Love Money plays uses an investment system. Therefore, this application is called differently from TikTok Cash. This application is more inclined to the savings and loan system, where new members must deposit a minimum of 200 thousand in order to join.

The collected member money will be played for other people to borrow from the Hi Million KSP – Fund Loan application. Another thing that is odd is the admin fee and interest are the same for loans with small or large nominal.

Like there is something wrong with the rules. Usually, large borrowers will be charged different interest and admin fees than small borrowers.

Not to mention the relationship with the Hi Million KSP application. Is it true that they work with the company or is it the same as TikTok Cash which claims to be registered with the OJK and is a partner of TikTok? Or even Love Money Apk is the same as not being registered with the OJK and not having a form of Cooperation with Hi Million KSP.

The two applications, either Love Money or Hi Million KSP, have different developers. So, it’s best to be on guard and keep digging for information about the application’s security guarantees.

Is Love Money Apk Safe?

Until now, the application can still be accessed and displayed on the Play Store. Because, there is no evidence to say that this Love Money application is deceptive, or unsafe to access.

Suspicion about its security arises because of the peculiarities of the system used. For people who understand this system, of course they will not want to join as a member. This is what keeps this suspicion going.

  1. Love Money and Hi Million KSP are two different apps.
  2. The loan interest on the amount of money borrowed was flattened to 3 million. This is very illogical.
  3. New members must immediately deposit 200 thousand before they can use the features.

If it is true that this application is safe in investing practices, why does the loan have to go through a third party at Hi Million KSP? Of course the two are very different from the company’s data. How do users know the relationship between these two applications and who will guarantee?

If only one party is claiming, then it needs to be questioned. Moreover, Love Money Apk himself confessed? Meanwhile, from the KSP alone, there is no official information on the cooperation that Love Money has made.

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