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Latest FF4M Redeem Code Leaks 24 July 2021

Fingka.com – This is the latest leaked number of the FF4M redeem code 24 July 2021 that you can use later.

After the official Free Fire Indonesia account on Instagram reached 4 million followers and promised to provide the latest FF4M redeem code July 24, 2021 as a prize.

As for using the latest FF4M redeem code, July 24, 2021, later you can get a prize in the form of a Phantom Scar Skin which is very cool.

FF4M Redeem Code 24 July 2021

The following is Fingka.com providing additional character numbers that are randomly distributed on the FF Indonesia Instagram account @freefirebgid

The next additional characters for the FF4M redeem code are MCJ and X3U

So in full there are still 3 more numbers and it looks like these 3 numbers will be issued on July 25, 2021 later, right with the launch of the latest mode, The Vengeance event.

FF4M MCJ X3U Redeem Code

The list of gifts that you can bring and get from the Redeem Code FF4M MCJ X3U 24 July 2021 is:

Weapon Skin Scar Phantom Assassin Weapon Loot Crate

Incubator Voucher

By using the Incubator Voucher when you exchange the Latest FF4M MCJ X3U Redeem Code in July 2021, you will also have the opportunity to get a Titan Scar Skin.

The latest Skin Scar Titan in July 2021 can be obtained when doing a Spin in the latest Incubator using the Incubator Voucher.

So, you just have to wait until July 25, 2021 for the launch of The Vengeance Event to be able to get the full number of Redeem Code FF4M MCJ X3U July 25, 2021.

The Redeem Code FF4M MCJ X3U July 25, 2021 can only be used and exchanged when The Vengeance Event starts.

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