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Kominfo Gives Response Regarding Turning Into Titan After Vaccination

Kominfo Gives Response Regarding Turning Into Titan After Vaccination

Pikipo – Lately the news about the Covid-19 Vaccine is still a lot of debate, both on social media Twitter, Facebook and so on.

There are many pros and cons related to the existence of this vaccine obligation, many agree and many refuse.

Now, this time the hot topic is the government’s decision to inject the Covid-19 vaccine to Jokowi and his staff as a symbol and broadcast live on the YouTube account of the Ministry of Communication and Information.

The news turned out to have received a lot of responses from the Indonesian people, some were enthusiastic, some were very stupid and some thought it was like the anime Attak on Titan, where someone will turn into a Titan or a monster after being injected with the liquid.

Many Netizens Associate Vaccines With Attak on Titan Anime

In the live injection of the vaccine, netizens were even excited about the vaccine being able to turn humans into titans like in the currently trending anime, Attak on Titan.

For those who don’t know, Attack on Titan is an anime where the world is ruled by the power of Titans or monsters, besides that humans can also turn into titans when injected with titan serum, like the current covid vaccine.

Warganet also considers it like a Gacha system, where they hope to get the strongest Titan.

Kominfo Admin Responds to Warganet’s Response Regarding the Covid Vaccine Becoming a Titan

Kominfo Gives Response Regarding Turning Into Titan After Vaccination

Now in the midst of the excitement of netizens who are debating about the titan in this symbolic injection of the Covid vaccine, there is something that has caught the attention of netizens, namely the Kemkominfo Admin who gave a response.

Kominfo has its own way to reduce the excitement of netizens in its own way.

The Kominfo admin gave a comment by confirming that those who were injected with the Covid vaccine would not turn into Titan.

Of course this makes netizens no longer argue. There are also quite a number of comments that have been answered by Kominfo related to the news regarding this Titan change. They patiently answered the comments from the Netizens.

Of course, this is one of the government’s ways to deal with Covid, so that this pandemic will end soon as requested by the public.

But for the government, if you want to approach the community in a better way, those who don’t want to be vaccinated will be fined.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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