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KFC develops a controller for mobile gamers

Game – If you don’t just think about the satisfaction of your customers with the delicious and hearty KFC chicken mix, KFC now seems to pay attention to the needs of the players. The proof is that KFC presents new innovations specially designed for players who love KFC meal chicken, especially mobile players.

While KFC China had previously worked with Huawei to develop a smartphone, the fast food company now also has a new menu called “Gamer Box 2.0” in India.

What does the Gamer’s Box 2.0 look like?

Now, Gamer Box 2.0 It comes in the form of a box with a bluetooth gamepad on the right and left, don’t forget the smartphone clamp on top of the box. With it, gamers can play smartphones and at the same time enjoy the KFC menu at the socket. In addition to gamepads and KFC menus, this product is a collaboration with beverage brand Mountain Dew.

Unfortunately, the products of Gamer’s Box 2.0 were only released for the Indian region. But don’t be discouraged, KFC has also opened up the possibility of getting Gamer’s Box 2.0 for the lucky ones by visiting KFC’s Facebook page here. For those of you curious about what Gamer’s Box 2.0 products look like, check out the two videos below


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