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It Can Be Anytime, 5 Ways to Scan Documents on the Easiest Printer

JSMedia – Nowadays, everything is advanced, there are documents in the form of soft scans and in the form of paper and laminating. Most prefer soft files because they are durable and easy to store. Files can be used whenever we need them. If so, you need how to scan a document on a printer.

Printers today are very advanced and continue to grow. There are a variety of feature and design improvements to make it more attractive and not monotonous. Printers were originally only used to print documents. However, now there is one for scanning documents so that it is more multifunctional.

Document Scan Benefits

Document Scan Benefits

There are several benefits that users can get when scanning documents. This benefit makes scanning documents a necessity in itself. There are various documents that are usually scanned, such as photos, ID cards, diplomas, or other important documents.

For more details, consider some of the benefits you can get when scanning the following documents:

  1. Can make files turn digital.
  2. Used as a means of documentation so that it is not easily damaged or dirty.
  3. Delivery of media images with better quality.

The explanation above is the basic benefit of why many people want to scan documents. There are many other factors and benefits that can be obtained when scanning documents using a printer. Considering the process is also more efficient and definitely doesn’t make you confused.

5 Ways to Scan Documents on the Easiest Printer

5 Ways to Scan Documents on the Easiest Printer

There are many types of printers that can be used to scan documents. Every printer has almost the same method so it is not difficult. For those who want to scan documents on the printer, follow the tutorial below:

1. Prepare the Printer

The first step, you must prepare the printer properly first. The things that need to be prepared include:

  • Connect the printer device to a power source.
  • Connect the printer to the laptop using a USB cable.
  • Next, turn on the printer by pressing the ON button and turn on the laptop or computer you are using.

2. Open Windows Fax & Scan Application

Don’t forget to prepare any documents you want to scan. After that, continue with the following tutorial:

  • Open the printer scanner cover that you use.
  • Enter the document you want to scan, face the document down, so that the scan of the document can be done properly.
  • After the document enters the scanner, close the scanner cover.
  • You can look at the laptop or computer, later you have to open Windows Fax and Scan in the All Programs.

The menu is Windows’ default program. So, it can be adapted to each device.

3. Set Document Scan

Usually the documents to be scanned have random settings. So, you can adjust according to your individual needs. Here’s the tutorial:

  • Open the program Windows Fax and Scan like the command above.
  • Next enter the window Fax and Scan.
  • Please select New Scan in the upper left corner.

4. Set the Resolution Part of the Scan Results

You can also adjust the resolution of the scan result according to what kind of document you want. Here’s the setup tutorial:

  • After choose New Scan like above command, you can find some Default Settings in new page.
  • To the profile and Source sections can be left alone
  • Document type can be selected JPG.
  • The desired document resolution can be 300 so that the scanned image becomes clear and not blurry.
  • Before selecting Scan, select Preview first to check how the quality of the scan results produced by the printer engine.
  • Don’t forget to remove the check mark in the section Preview or scan image as separated files, so you can set the page to scan properly, then drag the line towards the edge.
  • Customize documents that you want to scan.

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5. Checking Scanning Results

After making the settings like the command above, you can choose Scan. Just wait until the scanning process is complete. After the scanning process is complete, you can check the results of the documents that have been scanned above.

Usually the scanned file is automatically stored in the Documents. Just open the folder. After that, select Scanned Documents. You can name the scan results according to the desired name so that it is easy to find the document.

How to scan a document on a printer it’s almost the same, whether it’s an ID card, photo or other document. Make sure the scanner screen is clean for maximum scanning results. By knowing the method above, you can scan documents on your own printer.

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