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Is it true that Pak Jokowi is playing Free Fire? This is the Fact

JSMedia – The latest news circulated that President Jokowi has a free fire game account. Games that have the most ratings downloaded by users, both on the App Store and Play Store. However, is it true Mr. Jokowi playing Free Fire?

As we know that the Free Fire game is a game of a million people. Users consist of various age groups, ranging from children to adults. Even the elderly who like to play games also use it.

Therefore, the question regarding Mr. Jokowi playing Free Fire reasonable to throw. Because it is possible that he tries to fill his spare time by playing games that can relieve fatigue.

In this discussion, the article will contain a discussion about the truth of the news that reported that President Jokowi was playing the Free Fire game. Immediately, let’s see the full explanation below:

News Facts about Mr. Jokowi Playing Free Fire

News Facts about Mr. Jokowi Playing Free Fire

Examining the news circulating that stated that Pak Jokowi plays the Free Fire game, many people are curious about the truth. The following is an explanation of the truth of the news:

1. Viral Video of the President Playing Free Fire

Currently, a video is going viral that provides information that Pak Jokowi plays Free Fire. Initially the video appeared on TikTok’s social media account. The video has a duration of a few seconds, with a voice similar to Mr. Jokowi.

Even in the video it is clearly displayed nick name which explains the video. Nickname those are F.Mr. Jokowi, the duration of the video mentions that he is the original Pak Jokowi with his distinctive voice.

The video was able to shock all Free Fire users, even until various opinions emerged. Because the sound that comes out of the video owner with nick name Jokowi sounds exactly like Pak Jokowi’s original voice.

2. Is it true that Mr. Jokowi is playing Free Fire?

Questions about the news are increasingly viral throughout the archipelago. Is it true, Pak Jokowi playing Free Fire? Is it true that the owner of the circulating account is the original Pak Jokowi?

The answers to all the questions above are not correct. Because Mr. Jokowi does not play the Free Fire game. Seeing the duties of a President, of course Pak Jokowi will not have time to play the Free Fire game.

The tasks and burdens he carried were very heavy and took up a lot of time. How could he have played the Free Fire game. Even though he has free time, it is certain that this time is only for resting and hanging out with his family.

It is also clear that the owner of the current circulating account is not the original Pak Jokowi. It’s just that he’s trying to imitate the voice of the President. Or it could be just to get a lot of attention.

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3. President Jokowi Plays Match Rank Free Fire

After listening to the explanation above, now you know the answer that the owner of the circulating account is not the original Mr. Jokowi. So the conclusion is, all news reports of President Jokowi playing the Free Fire game are hoaxes.

The President responded broadly to the news, he said that he supports the world esports Indonesia, including the Free Fire game. His form of support is proven by the existence of a President’s Cup event for the world esports Indonesia.

That’s the explanation of the news Mr. Jokowi playing the game Free Fire that can be delivered. Lessons that can be taken from Free Fire are about cooperation, mutual cooperation, being able to control time. For those of you FF players, don’t forget to get enough rest.

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