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Is it true that BOT DANA on Telegram is giving away prizes, genuine or hoax?

JSMedia – Fortune can be obtained from anywhere. No exception by way on line, one of them with Telegram FUND BOT which is going viral. However, what exactly is this DANA surprise in Telegram?

The DANA surprise here is intended for BOT members in the Telegram application. Just by doing a few things, you can immediately get extra money in DANA. However, is it true?

Because more and more people are curious, see more information about the following DANA surprise.

What is Telegram FUND Surprise?

What is Telegram FUND Surprise?

DANA Surprise is referred to as DANA Surprise because it can provide unexpected gifts. Many people want to try their luck with this Telegram FUND prize. The reward given is in the form of a balance that is not small, so it has managed to attract a lot of attention from the public.

To try it, you can use the features that are already available on Telegram. Search for BOT first by typing ID @Kejutandana_bot or visit the link as follows: https://t.me/Kejutandana_bot. Then click Follow to follow the event.

Don’t worry about the difficulty of using BOT, because later you will be guided while in the chat room. Here are instructions to help you use DANA Shock on Telegram.

How to Get FUND Surprise BOT Rewards on Telegram?

How to Get FUND Surprise BOT Rewards on Telegram?

  1. Find the FUND BOT in the Telegram search field.
  2. Click the Start button at the bottom to start the BOT.
  3. After joining, you will be given information about the referral link used to invite other people. By inviting friends, you will get many benefits.
  4. Select the Invite button. A balance of 10 thousand rupiah will be multiplied by the number of people you have successfully invited.
  5. Click Balance to see the amount of your DANA on Telegram.
  6. Before withdrawing money, make sure the balance is at least 50 thousand rupiah. Then click Schedule Disbursement.

Is the FUND Surprise BOT in Telegram a Scam?

Is the FUND Surprise BOT in Telegram a Scam?

The truth about this prize money balance is yet to be ascertained. So far no one has managed to get it. If it is proven, there will be a lot of videos showing the proof of cash withdrawal of DANA Shocked directly.

Most of the information milling about the DANA BOT Surprise is in the form of promotions and how to use it.

Although many have reviewed it, you should avoid this scam mode. The form of fraud is seen when going to the disbursement process. The BOT admin will ask you to send 15 thousand credits if you want to process it. This money will be returned together with sending the balance to the account.

However, who will guarantee? Admin can just eject and block username you from the FUND Surprise BOT on Telegram easily. It is clear that this is a hoax in the name of the DANA brand.

You need to remember that there is no instant income. There are only losses that are obtained. So, be careful every time you get information on how to make money online on the internet. If you’re curious to try it, follow the tutorial and don’t get your hopes up.

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