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Instagram Effects Are Lost or Deleted, Here Are 3 Ways To Restore It

JSMedia – Instagram has managed to attract many users’ hearts with its InstaStory filter feature. There are many cool filters that can change the look or edit the color of the photos you take through InstaStory.

With Instagram filters, your face story can be funny, more beautiful and genic. Anyway, Instagram story filters will make stories look more attractive to the eye. Because of this uniqueness, Instagram has become one of the most widely used social media after previously being controlled by Facebook.

In addition, the emergence of various IG effects makes users more active in social media. Unique filters that appear on other people’s Instagram stories can also be saved so that they appear in your IG story effect list.

When you want to create a story, sometimes a problem arises, namely the saved Instagram filter that is missing from your filter list. How can a filter that has been saved just disappear. Is the filter lost or deleted? If it’s like this, how method restore those lost Instagram filters?

Now you don’t have to worry anymore. You can do the following 3 ways to solve this problem.

3 Ways to Restore IG Effects That Don’t Appear in the Story Filter List

1. Stable Internet Network Conditions Required

1. Stable Internet Network Conditions Required

A missing IG filter can be caused by a bad internet network. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for some time until the internet network is back to normal. In order to get better internet access, it can also be overcome by moving locations. Or, it would be even better if you replace an internet network with another better network.

To prevent the lost IG effect from reappearing, before saving the filter you must first ensure the condition of the internet provider network being used. If you need to check again on your IG story to make sure whether the filter has been successfully saved or not. If it doesn’t appear, it could be a network on smartphoneyou are having a problem when you save the filter.

2. Use a Device that Supports the Latest Apps from Instagram

2. Use a Device that Supports the Latest Apps from Instagram

The Instagram filter still doesn’t appear even though the internet network is good and Instagram access is also smooth? If that’s the case, chances are the problem is with your mobile device. Some cell phone series are not yet support to show the filter in InstaStory.

When Instagram keeps updating its app regularly. On the other hand, you also have to keep updating the system of the device you are using. So you can still use the latest filters from Instagram.

However, don’t worry. You don’t need to buy a new cellphone so that all filters can appear in the story. If one filter can’t appear in your IG story, you can use another story filter option.

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3. Keep Updating Your Instagram Application

3. Keep Updating Your Instagram Application

The last reason why the Instagram filter is missing or not showing up is because you haven’t updated the app. Therefore, try updating the Instagram application to the latest version.

If the filter still does not appear even though you have updated the application and are using a compatible cellphone, then do the following steps.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Application

You can try this step by uninstalling the Instagram application. First, open the Settings app. Then, look for the application settings and select uninstall the Instagram application until the icon disappears from the cellphone screen.

After uninstall, go to Play Store or App Store. Download the Instagram application again and wait for the installation process to complete. Login to your IG account. If you haveupdates but the filter is still missing or not showing, you can try the next method.

  • Clear Cache Data

By clearing the cache, the history data in the Instagram application will also be deleted, including username and password data. For that, you need to log back in to be able to access Instagram along with the story filter.


InstaStory’s various filters are indeed very interesting. Starting from adding images, music, to filters that make your photos or videos cooler. This is what makes Instagram filters the most used feature.

If the filter you want to use suddenly disappears, you can use the three methods above. These three ways to restore lost Instagram filters are very important for you to know. So, research the cause first, then use the method that has been described previously.

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