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ID Props Camping Area in Sakura School Simulator

Hello everyone, see you again with Pikipo. How are you? Of course stay healthy. In this discussion, the admin will share ID props for the Camping Area in Sakura School Simulator. Before continuing to discuss the ID, I want to share my experience when camping or camping first.

Mimin has been camping several times in several places and all of them have left their own impressions. The first camping area was in the mountains, at that time the cold air and strong winds resulted in our tent being unable to be erected so we slept in a hut near the Camping Area. The second mimin camping area is on the beach. The atmosphere is calm, the tent is standing firmly, but because of the many mosquitoes and we had a hard time sleeping at that time.

Some of you must have been camping or camping. You can also share your experiences when camping/camping in the comments column. Hehe, for those of you who have never camped, it’s a shame, now you can camp, you know, but in the Sakura School Simulator, wow. For the Camping Area ID, you can use the Props ID that I have written below. Cuss…

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ID Props Sakura School Simulator Camping Area

Disclaimer : These Props IDs have been uploaded on Youtube from their respective owners. For those of you who want to use ID Props, subscribe to their Youtube channel and don’t forget to give a like as a form of our appreciation for the maker of this Sakura School Simulator ID Props. Thank you.

1. 5016 1587 6313 26 (by: Syifa MN)

2. 8316 1485 7076 10 (By: Persian Mouse Deer)

3. 8516 2219 4722 27 ( By : Sugar Free )

4. 2116 2027 4847 12 ( By : Epi Epi )
5. 8416 2209 7878 7 ( By : I’ts Zura XD )

Come on, hurry up and visit ID Props Camping Area in the Sakura School Simulator Game. Of course you will be made comfortable with the design of the place.
NB: if you have stopped by the place, don’t forget to give a Like, guys, as a form of our appreciation and support for the Sakura School Simulator ID props maker.

Because the Sakura School simulator game presents an open world theme. We can set our own style of play and visit certain places. In addition, we can also channel creativity at will and share that creativity with each other.

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The final word

That’s all I can share this time with a glimpse of my knowledge about some ID Props Camping Areas in the Sakura School simulator Game and a little of my experience while camping. You can also share your Props ID on Pikipo, you just have to write it in the comments column so that other people are interested in visiting your building.

That’s all from Pikipo, I hope you are interested in this discussion. Oh yeah, don’t forget to read other articles on Pikipo. Healthy healthy ok…

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