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HP lags? These 3 Ways to Free Up Android RAM Without Root

JSMediaHow to free up Android RAM without root can be one solution if your smartphone feels very slow. The reason is, the cause of the problem is the full storage memory capacity so it cannot respond to commands quickly and even the cellphone turns itself off.

How to Free Up Android RAM Without Root, Easy and Safe

Not all users understand how to root Android for various purposes, one of which is to free up RAM. In the end, the problem was not resolved properly. But don’t worry, here are some how to free up RAM without root.

1. Using the Smart Booster App

1. Using the Smart Booster App

Basically, this application serves to stop various programs on Android that are very rarely used. Therefore, RAM will feel more relieved thanks to the automatic cleaning of storage. Here’s how to use Smart Booster.

  • First download the Smart Booster application.
  • This app is free on playstore.
  • Once installed, open the Smart Booster app.
  • Then, on the main page click “Start Now”.
  • Then, click the rocket icon.
  • For further stages.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select RAM Booster, change it to “Aggressive”.
  • Check the command “Boost When Screen Off”.
  • Change “Delay to When Screen Off” to “Immediately”.

You can set it so that the cleaning is done automatically, so you don’t have to do it every time. Change the Boost Automatically setting from RAM Threshold to 100MB. Then, set the Boost Interval to 5 minutes or can be adjusted as desired.

2. Using the RAM Control Extreme Pro Application

2. Using the RAM Control Extreme Pro Application

How to free up smartphone memory storage without having to do the next root is by using the RAM Control Extreme Pro application. The method of using it can be said to be very easy, almost the same when you use other platforms. Here are the steps.

  • Download the RAM Control Extreme Pro application.
  • If it is already installed, open the application.
  • Then, select the “RAM Booster” feature.
  • Click the “start” menu and press Auto RAM Booster.
  • For the advanced stage, select the settings menu.
  • Do the Auto RAM Booster settings.
  • Click “Task Killer”.
  • Select an unused application.
  • Click “OK” to confirm.

How to free up Android RAM without root by using this application there are two methods. The explanation above is a type of free alias free. Meanwhile, if you use the premium version, there will be many additional features to optimize smartphone RAM performance.

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3. Using <2GB RAM Booster Apps

3. Using the 2GB RAM Booster App

If the two applications above have not made you feel satisfied with their performance or are not suitable for use, then try using the <2GB RAM Booster platform. For its use is not so different from the others. Here are some of the steps.

  • Download the app on the playstore.
  • Once installed, open the application.
  • On the main page, click the words “Boost”.
  • Wait while the RAM cleaning process takes place.
  • When finished, try to check the RAM capacity.
  • If, the lack is only a little.
  • Repeat the same steps, until finished.
  • Or it could be through the “settings” menu.
  • Selection of unused applications.
  • Click the “Boost” command.
  • The application will automatically be disabled.

The last option if the RAM capacity only increases a little is to uninstall applications that are rarely or not used anymore. Because basically, memory storage has a limit according to its terms, so it can’t be forced to empty.

That was the discussion about some ways to free up Android RAM without root. If the three methods do not make RAM a relief, the thing you have to do is upgrade or replace a smartphone with a larger memory capacity.

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