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How To Watch Youtube Without Ads For Free For The Latest Android

How To Watch Youtube Without Ads For Free For Android

How To Watch Youtube Without Ads For Free For Android

Pikipo – Youtube is a medium for viewing and sharing videos for free. In everyday life, Youtube is even more watched than television because now there are many conveniences in accessing it from devices to internet networks that are quite stable in Indonesia.

In viewing videos on Youtube, of course, we will find advertisements, where advertisements are a source of income from the video maker. Maybe a lot of you are disturbed by the ad, or sometimes feel a little uncomfortable, for example when listening to our favorite song on Youtube and in the middle of a sudden there is an ad and sometimes the ad is also long.

For those of you who feel this way and want to watch Youtube without ads, this time I will show you how. This method is considered very effective because the Youtube that we will use has the same features as Youtube premium where there are no ads and can be played in the background, minimized or locked on the cellphone screen.

How To Watch Youtube Without Ads For Free For Android

For how to Watch Youtube Without Ads for Free what we need is an application called Youtube Vanced. Youtube Vanced is a Youtube application that has been modified like Youtube Premium where the ad feature is removed and can be played in the background.

So by using this application we will no longer be bothered by ads and most importantly this application is FREE.

Brikut is a feature of Youtube Vanced

  • Block all ads (toggled)
  • Background Playback
  • Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
  • Override Maximal Resolution
  • Pinch to Zoom (for all devices)
  • Casting Togglable (can be forced off)
  • Toggle Themes (Black, Dark, White)
  • PiP – Picture in Picture mode (Oreo only)
  • Auto Repeat Feature
  • Preferred Speed ​​and Resolution
How To Watch Youtube Without Ads For Free For Android

How to Download and Install Youtube Vanced

1. First of all, download the Youtube application without the ads. You can download it on this website youtubevanced.com.

2. Install the app and use it. Ads on Youtube will not be available and you can be free to watch videos without ads.

The drawback in this application is that you can’t subscribe, like or comment because we don’t log in using a Google account. I don’t think it’s a problem, after all, our intention is not to see any annoying ads, but for those of you who want to keep liking, commenting and subscribing, you can do this, as follows.

1. You first download the application called MicroG which is in the link that I pinned above.

2. Install the MicroG application according to the version of Youtube vanced that you are using. Install MicroG before you install the Youtube Vanced application, then connect the MicroG application with your Google account.

3. Install Youtube Vanced and login with your Google account.

4. Done, now you can use YouTube premium features for free along with the like cooment and subscribe features.

So, that was a tutorial on How to Watch Youtube Without Ads Free For Android. A little suggestion that actually this method is not good because we have cheated a little and it is more advisable if you have more sustenance then use it to subscribe to Youtube Premium to get rid of annoying ads in order to give appreciation to Youtube for providing shows and entertainment that we can access anytime and everywhere.

So hopefully this article is useful.

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