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How to Use the WhatsApp Quran Bot, Here's the Number

How to Use the WhatsApp Quran Bot, Here’s the Number

How to Use the WhatsApp Quran Bot, Here's the Number

Pikipo – In this modern era, there are many conveniences that we can get even though we only use gadgets, one of which is the Whatsapp Qur’an Bot. Yes, the Quran Bot Whatsapp is a Whatsapp bot that can help us to search for surahs in the Qur’an using only the Whatsapp application.

So we can read the Qur’an anytime and anywhere without the need for other applications. In this Qur’an Bot also available translations of existing verses. For a more complete explanation I explain below.

What is WhatsApp Qur’an Bot?

The WhatsApp Qur’an bot is a whatsapp bot that is able to display the verses in the Qur’an and their translations to us only through chat via the Whatsapp application. Bot itself is a Robot that has been set up in such a way to carry out the commands we ask for.

So the robot in question is not bent, but a command. So if we ask the Qur’an Bot to show us a Surah or verses in the Qur’an, it will immediately reply to our chat with what we need. Sophisticated huh.

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How to Use the Whatsapp Quran Bot?

How to Use Whatsapp Quran Bot

The way to use this Whatsapp Qur’an Bot is very simple. what we need is the Whatsapp number of the bot or wa robot itself.

Here is the WhatsApp Qur’an Bot Number: +628999900411

Here are the commands that we can use in the Whatsapp Qur’an Bot:

  1. To display verses and translations, please type: name / letter no [spasi] typed verse: letter [spasi] name/mail no.
  2. To display an interpretation, please type: tafsir/taf [spasi] name/letter number or type: interpretation/taf [spasi] name/mail no [spasi] paragraph.
  3. To search for verses of the Koran please type: search [spasi] keywords.
  4. To search for the interpretation of the Koran, please type: search [spasi] interpretation [spasi] keywords.
  5. To play guess letters/verses, please type: guess [spasi] letter/verse/all.
  6. To answer a letter/verse guess, please type: answer [spasi] answer

Well, that’s roughly the explanation and how to use the Whatsapp Qur’an Bot. To be clear, you can try and practice it yourself.

The final word

That’s an explanation of the WhatsApp Qur’an Bot and how to use it. Hopefully with this we are more diligent in reading the Qur’an wherever and whenever it is.

Hope it is useful.

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