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How to Update Among Us Latest Version 2021.10.22 Android

How to Update Among Us Latest Version 2020.10.22 Android

Pikipo – Hello. The Among Us game players must be impatient and keep waiting – waiting for news about the Update of this Among Us game. Yup, this time there is good news for all of you that the Update Among Us version 2021.10.22 can be downloaded and played for free.

The Among Us game version 2021.10.22 is an update of the Among Us Game which was originally planned to be an Among Us 2 game but has been cancelled.

In the Update Among Us game there are lots of things that have been fixed, especially the server problem which is very easy for cheaters to break. For more details about the latest updates in the AMong Us V2021.10.22 game, I will discuss it in another article.

Now discussing the Among Us Update, on this occasion I will discuss how to update the Latest Among Us version V2021.10.22.

Of course, many of you are asking how to update Among Us, how do you update Among Us, or do you say it’s been updated, how come the Playstore hasn’t updated yet?

So instead of being confused, I’ll tell you the answer. Listen below.

How to Update Among Us Latest Version 2021.10.22 Android

Before heading to the update method, you first see below.

The Among Us Game has updated the latest version 2021.10.22 today. Even though it has been updated, this game can only be played for Free Play because the server is still not opened and has not been officially released on the Google Playstore.

Even though it hasn’t been officially released yet, we can still give it a try. We can try it Offline or Free Play to find out what’s new in the Update Among us version 2021.10.22. Read also: Download Among Us PPT Templates And How To Use It

For those of you who can’t wait and want to try playing the newest version of Among Us, you can follow these 2 ways to Update Among Us, it’s guaranteed to work.

1. Use APK Mirror App.

Well, the first way to update the latest version of Among Us 2021.10.22 is the Mirror Application or Backup Application from the latest version of the Among Us game. You can download it from another site.

Please visit the link above and follow the method. There I have provided a complete list, starting from the latest Among Us APK file to how to install it.

2. Update via Google Play Store

Now the second way is to wait for an update from the Google Playstore. If you are a patient person you can try this second method.

For how to update via Playstore, all you have to do is type the keyword “Among Us”, if an update is available then you just update it. This method is very easy but for when the official release date on Google Playsore is still unknown.

The final word

Don’t forget to visit this little blog again so you don’t miss the latest news and tutorials about the AMong Us game and other games.

So, hopefully useful.

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