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How to Top Up the Zepeto Application Easily Latest 2021

How to Top Up on the Zepeto Application Easily Latest 2021

How to Top Up Zepeto – Hello everyone, on this occasion I would like to give a tutorial on how to Top Up Zepeto easily in 2021.

Zepeto suddenly became a magnet that seemed to attract the attention of all gamers. The Zepeto application is a game-based social networking site made by Snow Corporation that can create digital avatars as well as make friends with other users. Also read: How to Make Your Own Zepeto Hijab Style

Currently, there are lots of fans of the Zepeto application who really want to play the game with paid 3D character quality. Because this greatly affects the quality of the image display. So when playing the game we feel satisfied. Well, just like other games on Zepeto, we can also Top Up.

How to Top Up on the Zepeto App

If you want to enjoy some paid 3-dimensional characters then you definitely have to have a coin or zem. But if you don’t have both, you can top up Zepeto first. And if you find it difficult to top up your meal, you can see the tutorial below:

1. Open the zepeto app

2. Select the diamond or coin menu

3. Choose the coin or zem

4. If it has been selected, click ok

5. If the transaction is complete then you can restart the game

Nb: when making a coin or zem purchase, make sure your debit card balance is still there, hehe. This is to facilitate the payment later.

How to Top Up the Zepeto App on Codashop

There is another easier way to top up even the seconds have been completed, namely Top Up Zepeto on codashop. You just enter your Zepeto code, then select the top up nominal, select the payment, for example via Alfamart, Indomart or debit card. Then then buy and include your email, done. Also read: How to Mabar on Zapeto to Play with Friends

Well, it’s easy, right?

Thus the discussion about how to top up on the Zepeto application. And hopefully this article can be useful for all of you 😉 see you next time guys

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