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How to Top Up the Latest Cheap FF 2021 for Free Fire Players!

Fingka.com – For those of you Free Fire players who want to beautify their characters, buy FF skins, DJ Alok, Diamonds and FF Weapon Skins that are interesting and make you excited to play Free Fire games.

Of course you have to top up your FF to be able to buy FF diamonds as the in-game currency issued by Garena Free Fire.

Then how to top up this Diamond, is it difficult to top up this ff? how to top up ff cheap and not cheated?

There are many other questions that will certainly make you worry about doing this ff top up. That’s why Fingka.com provides tips on how to top up the latest cheap FF 2021 which you can easily follow step by step below.

Top Up FF Through Dunia Games

The first way to do a cheap and reliable top up for 2021 is through the world of games. You can buy ff diamonds through the world of top up ff games which sometimes give promos to promo vouchers for the world of games.

Dunia Games Top Up FF

1. Open the FF top up game world link – https://duniagames.co.id/top-up/item/freefire/en

2. Input the Free Fire ID you are playing

3. Select the number of Diamonds you want to buy

4. Choose a payment method

5. Enter the Email and No. HP you are using

6. Confirm and automatically Diamond will be sent to your FF account

By doing the top up ff with the above, automatically the number of FF diamonds you have will increase and of course you can use it to buy Skins, DJ Alok, bundles, the latest FF weapon skins that you want.

The next 2021 reliable cheap FF top up can be through Gopay payments from Google Play.

Why go through Gopay on Google Play, because don’t be tempted by cheap FF top up promos which will only make your FF account stolen and taken over by someone else.

Therefore, Fingka.com suggests to top up FF via Gopay on Google Play.

Top Up FF Via Gopay

1. Make sure your FF account is connected to your Google Play account

2. Select the Diamond Icon in your FF account

3. In the Diamond FF Top Up menu, select the Diamond Package you want

4. Wait for the pop-up from Google Play

5. Select the payment option via Gopay

6. Click the BUY button to make a purchase

7. Make a payment via Gopay and wait until the transaction is complete

8. Your FF Diamond will automatically be added to the Free Fire account you are using

By doing a free fire top up via Gopay on Google Play, it is guaranteed that your FF account is safe and you don’t have to worry about it being stolen or taken over by someone else. Because you also have to be careful of the many cheap top up ff discount promos or free diamond ff promos that are widely spread on the internet, which in the end will only make your ff account stolen and in the end you can’t use the ff account

The next option is to top up ff to buy cheap ff diamonds and promos from Tokopedia. Besides being easy and easy to do.

Top Up FF through Tokopedia is guaranteed to be trusted and no doubt. How to top up Free Fire via Tokopedia, you can follow the steps below.

Top Up FF Tokopedia

1. Open the Tokopedia App

2. Select Game Voucher Option

3. Choose Free Fire to Top Up your FF

4. Input your FF User ID

5. Input the amount of Diamond FF you want to buy

6. Click the Buy Button

7. Click Next and make a payment via Bank or OVO

8. Wait until the process is complete

9. Your Diamond FF game free fire will be added automatically

Sometimes you can also get discounted promos and cheap FF top up discounts either through the world of games or through GoPay and also FF top ups via Tokopedia.

You can follow this cheap FF top up promo so that it will save more on your expenses if you want to buy FF diamonds for your Free Fire game at a low price and of course the main thing is that it is trusted and guaranteed to be safe from theft or fraud.

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You can also take part in events held by Garena Free Fire or sponsors who often provide free ff redeem codes every month, even they sometimes provide the latest dj alok redeem codes that you can participate in and get for free.

Always actively read information about the Free Fire game from social media and from Fingka.com so you don’t miss any information when we provide information on the latest 2021 ff redeem code and also the latest dj alok ff redeem code that you can follow at any time.

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