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How to Speed ​​Up Wifi Connection on Android Without Additional Apps

Jakarta Studio – If you have problems or problems with signal quality, then how to speed up wifi connections on Android without an application can be the solution. Because, there is no need for a second or third party to be able to solve this problem. Just a few simple methods and everything is done.

Some Ways to Speed ​​Up Wifi Connection on Android Without the Most Powerful Application

From now on you don’t have to worry anymore if there is a problem with the quality of the wifi signal being slow. Because, this time will explain several ways that can be done to overcome these problems. Here’s the review.

1. Use a Repeater (Signal Booster)

A repeater is a tool that can help strengthen the wifi signal in the event of a problem or slow network quality. Specially designed with a minimalist and small form, but very functional to overcome these obstacles, so that your signal becomes fast.

The repeater has the main function as a useful tool to extend the signal range. So that its use is very effective if the quality of the wifi connection becomes slow or is in an area with minimal signal. In addition, the price is not so expensive ranging from 100-500 thousand.

2. Developer Options

To be able to speed up wifi connection on Android, there are other ways you can do without using applications and other additional tools. Here only use a developer options setting on a smartphone and the results are quite effective. Here are the steps.

  • Open the settings or settings on the smartphone.
  • Then select other options or additional settings.
  • Then find and select developer or developer options.
  • Fill in the requested verification code.
  • Once filled in correctly, click ‘Continue’.
  • Then enable developer options.
  • Swipe until it turns green.
  • Select ‘aggressive wifi to cellular handover’.
  • Activate by sliding until green.
  • The wifi connection is also faster.

3. Wifi Settings

How to speed up a wifi connection on Android without the next application, which is still the same method. Just take advantage of the settings on the smartphone, the signal will become faster and more stable, no need for additional tools but works very well. Here are the steps.

  • Open the settings menu or smartphone settings.
  • Then select about phone.
  • Triple tap on ‘internal storage.
  • Then, select the WLAN Information option.
  • After that click on WLAN Status Options.
  • If you have found the command ‘refresh stats’
  • Triple tap ‘refresh stats’.
  • This is done so that the signal speed is maximum.
  • Wifi signal is also faster.

4. Setting IP on Wifi

If some of the explanations above don’t quite work well, don’t worry. Because there are other methods to speed up wifi connection on Android without using additional applications. But it should be noted, make sure you really understand this. Here are the steps.

  • Make sure the smartphone is connected to Wifi.
  • Tap and hold the wifi icon on the menu bar.
  • Click the exclamation mark next to it.
  • Change the IP setting option to Static.
  • Then change the last number in IP settings.
  • For example IP.234.446.34.56.
  • Then the number 56 is replaced (after the dot).
  • Change it to get the maximum signal speed.
  • The last number can be changed at will.

5. Using Wifi when it’s quiet

Maybe you are a little confused, what is the relationship between signal speed and using wifi when it’s quiet. Please note, the quality of the connection is greatly affected by the number of connected devices or users. Therefore, the more devices connected, the slower the signal will be.

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So, another way to get fast network quality, use wifi when it’s quiet. However, if you are the owner and have control over the wifi, it’s a good idea to check the number of users. If it looks too much, change the wifi password or disconnect.

That was the discussion about several ways to speed up wifi connection on Android without an application. Before actually implementing the method, it’s good to know the cause of the problem. It could be just minor things, so there is no need to contact certain parties.

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