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How to Share GoShare Apk Links Can Get Money, Check the Facts!

JSMedia – Only by sharing the Goshare Apk link to WhatsApp and Facebook that makes money, you can earn up to millions of rupiah. Here’s how to use it.

There are lots of money-making apk users in Indonesia and maybe you are one of them. If you want to find a new application, then Goshare can be the right choice, considering that many have recommended it.

To use it, there are no complicated conditions. You just need to register, login, then start earning on Goshare apk.

Get to know Goshare Money Making Apk

Get to know Goshare Money Making Apk

The application that has just been released in the last few days is a money-making application with a sharing mission. You only need to share the link from the Goshare apk to the various social media you have, especially WhatsApp and Facebook.

In addition, you can also share referral codes to earn more money. If you want to try it, see the ways that will be explained below until the end.

5 Ways to Register on Goshare Money-Making Apk

The way to register for GoShare is the same as money-making applications in general, you will be greeted with a cell phone number column. Here’s a filling guide.

  1. Enter the mobile number starting with the number 8 on the site http://app.goshare.vip/goshare/
  2. Click the OTP button and you will get the code via SMS.
  3. Enter the code in the OTP field.
  4. Create your Goshare account password, then click Register.
  5. I registered successfully.

After the account is registered, you will be directed to another page to download the application. Then install the app and learn further information before logging in to the account.

How to Earn on Goshare Apk

In this application, you only need to share and screenshot. You can share the tasks listed on WhatsApp and Facebook status. After sharing, capture the phone screen as proof that you have completed the mission.

The screenshot results will be reviewed by the Goshare admin, is it true that you have shared the missions given or not. Wait a few minutes, then you will be paid 3 thousand rupiah per mission or 3000 for one share.

There are 3 sharing missions given every day for free members. If everything is totaled then you can make 9000 rupiah per day. After multiplying by 30 days, the monthly income is around 270 thousand rupiah.

You are not asked to make a deposit at all. The most important thing is to complete the mission. Here’s how to apply the mission so you can get the free balance.

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How to Use Goshare Apk

How to Use Goshare Apk

The Goshare apk has an easy-to-understand interface even for beginners. Here’s how to use Goshare apk.

  1. To perform a task, click the Home menu on the main page.
  2. Then you will see the WA, FB, and IG logos.
  3. Select the topmost task first by clicking the Start Task button.
  4. Go to the Status menu and then click Do to start sharing the link.
  5. Share the link to WhatsApp via the chat or status column.
  6. Screenshot the task, then return to the Goshare app.
  7. Click Submit Task on the Status menu.
  8. Wait a few minutes and the balance will enter your account.

After doing the task, it’s time to invite friends so they can make more money. Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the Mine menu, then click Invite Friends at the top.
  2. Click Copy Code or Copy Link.
  3. Share the code and the link on various social media.
  4. Make interesting words if you want to get new members.

To earn up to millions of rupiah, you have to make a deposit according to the price level. With the cheapest account, the income is quite good. If you get 36 thousand free balances a day multiplied by 30 days, then your income can reach 1 million. No wonder premium members can earn up to millions of rupiah.

Is Goshare Money Making Apk Safe?

As long as there is a deposit practice, you need to be careful. Plus, Goshare doesn’t have any official agency permits. In addition, the application is also not officially available on the Play Store so its security is doubtful just like Updana Com. Based on these considerations, you should not use Goshare apk or the site.

That’s the review information about Goshare apk money making. Hopefully this education can make you more careful with similar applications.

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