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How to Save Facebook Videos To Phone Gallery Without Application

Pikipo – Facebook is currently a platform that is used by many people, especially young people. With this platform we can watch videos from Facebook, create statuses, which is no less cool now that we can live stream freely.

Because one social media is very practical and easy to use, many people use it to share their daily activities with the help of the Facebook story feature. Not only that, we can also make video tutorials and show them directly to viewers via Facebook live streaming.

With so many interesting videos that are often shared on several Facebook pages, of course, it makes us eager to save the video to the cellphone gallery. Moreover, the video content related to recipes must be saved first so that it can be skipped while making it easier to understand the existing recipes.

How To Save Videos From Facebook To Phone Gallery Without Application

  1. Open the Facebook lite app
  2. Select the video to download
  3. Click the 3 dot menu in the top corner
  4. Select Copy link
  5. Go to savefrom.net on google Chrome
  6. Enter the URL that was linked earlier
  7. Click Download MP4 HD
  8. The video will automatically be saved in the HP gallery

Well, it’s very easy. Hurry up and try it right away and good luck.

When saving videos from Facebook, of course we also want it not complicated. We often find it difficult to find a video downloader application that can save videos to the HP gallery. Actually, to save the video, we don’t need to use the application, just copy the URL. If you are confused, check out the reviews below.

By using the method above, you no longer need to download a video downloader application on Facebook. Because by copying and pasting the URL, you can save the video to your cellphone gallery.

That’s the discussion about how to save facebook videos to cellphone gallery without using a downloader application. Hopefully the above article can be useful for all of you and also share this article with others in need.

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