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How to Quickly Level Up Black Spirit Black Desert Mobile

How to Quickly Level Up Black Spirit Black Desert Mobile

How to Quickly Level Up Black Spirit Black Desert Mobile

Pikipo – Black Desert Mobile.

Black Spirit in this BDM game is very influential, especially for increasing the CP (Combat Power) on the character that is raised, how not if our black spirit level is high then the additional CP we get is also very much, about 50% of our total CP.

In addition to adding CP, of course there are also other benefits, especially the black spirit quest which gives a lot of boss stamps and accient prizes, especially if our black spirit lv is lv 100.

Here are some ways to level up black spirit to lv 100 quickly.

1. Feed the black spirit with the blue weapon gear

This blue weapon gear can add a lot of expblack spirit, especially when the black spirit level is still below lv 50’s.

For how to get it, you can buy blue weapon gear on the market, often check the market and buy blue weapons that cost under 40,000 silver to make it more worth it.

Apart from the market, you can also feed black spirit by worshiping the goblin Bangsad aka at the shakatu gear shop, collect as much gold coins and gacha (don’t forget to pray, luckily you get gold gear wkwk), if you get blue and purple gear Don’t sell it, just give it all black spirit because it’s easy to find silver.
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2. Feed with condensed dark energy

Apart from gear, black spirits also get a lot of experience if they are fed with condensed dark energy, especially those that are purple or above.

So where do we get condensed dark energy from, the method is quite difficult because we also have to make a fortune. Dark energy is usually obtained when we grind monsters, so if there is a boss area (the one on the map has a large red dot) don’t forget to kill it and take the chest.

Apart from grinding we can also get it from the talish shop, so often check the talish shop and buy condensed dark energy that uses silver, for black pearl mending it is saved.

And we can also make our own at the camp, so make lots of them.
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3. Don’t feed black spirit with accessories

Here are a few tips for free players, if we have accessories that are blue and above, it’s better if we sell them, just add black pearl. it’s a shame if you make a black spirit :v

So hopefully useful.
Remember the game is fun hahaha

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