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How to Play with Friends in Pk Xd Games

How to Play with Friends in Pk Xd Games

Pikipo – Hello guys. See you again at pikipo. This time, I want to tell you how to be able to Mabar or play together in the Pk Xd game.

For those of you who feel bored playing moba games or RPG games, and other adventure games. There’s nothing wrong with trying a game that’s a little relaxed and doesn’t take much energy and thought. You can try this one game, namely the Pk Xd game.

This is a virtual game where you can feel you are in the game world and of course you can also interact as you please in the game world.

This Pk Xd game is really fun to play. You can create an avatar according to your character, you can improve your dream house, appearance and pets. You can also have fun exploring the world as you please. And get ready to be able to join and interact with other players around the world. “You really can interact and play with our friends?”. Yes, of course you can, friend. For how, see the explanation below…

How to Play Together in Pk Xd Games

Oh, yes, guys, to be able to play together, you have to be friends first, it’s a sign that we are friends with a pink nickname. Now the way to be able to play together is very easy, namely by selecting the menu with pictures of boys and girls.

Well then you can see who is online. You can choose and invite your friends to play together by pressing the visit menu.

After your friend agrees with the invitation to play, your meal will automatically be brought into your friend’s room. Then all you have to do is look for the friend’s house that you visited earlier to invite him to play together.

Well, it’s very easy. Haha

So, that was how to play together in the Pk Xd game. If you want to add a tutorial on how to play together in the Pk Xd game, you can share it in the comments column.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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