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How to play hide and seek among us

How to play hide and seek among us

Game – The game that is currently hype among us, players have started to leave. Aside from the many scammers that exist in this game, the casual gameplay makes gameplay boring. The game is not far from killing, debating, and slandering each other. But don’t worry, as Game is taking this opportunity to give you the opportunity to play Among Us with a new mode, namely hide and seek, or if the Indonesian language is usually called hide and seek.

Because of this, some people on social media have created a new mode in the game between us, which is hide and seek. This mode is actually not an update made directly by Innersloth (who developed Among Us), but you can only set it when you are playing with friends. How then? let’s see below!

The main requirement for playing hide and seek in Among Us is an agreement with all players in a room. So to play this hide and seek mode, you can only play it with your friends.

How to play hide and seek among us

You’re free if you want to create a local room or an online but private room. You can use both to play Among Us in hide and seek mode. With this option, not everyone enters the room that is used as a venue. Because in order to enter a private room, players must have a code as a key to enter the room.

Of course, if you are playing in public the room will have other players from all over Indonesia and even the world, and of course there will be a “rioter” or two interfering with the game, e.g. B. Breaking agreements and others. That was because they didn’t know the rules of hide and seek.

You can still play hide and seek in public spaces, but the time to discuss the rules and how to play must be quite long. So instead of going into further detail, it is better to go straight to the procedures for hiding among us.

How to play hide and seek among us

As mentioned earlier, the main requirement for playing hide and seek in Among Us is based on mutual agreement. If either player disagrees, the game of hide and seek becomes chaotic. So how do you play hide and seek on Among Us? Read more below.

make space

How to play hide and seek among us
Just one importer is enough

Well, as mentioned earlier, you can choose a local or an online room. As for the map, it’s up to you whether you want to play on The Skeld, Mirahhq or the Polus map. Only one person is enough for the number of cheaters because it complies with the rules of the game of hide-and-seek. The maximum players are also up to you.

Room settings you should know

How to play hide and seek among us
Set up the room as shown

You can also specify the room settings after the room has been created. Go to the computer in the lobby room and select the “Game” menu. Here are the settings Game recommends for playing in Hide and Seek mode in Among Us

Emergency meetings: 0

Emergency cooldown: 0s

Discussion time: 0s

Voting time: 0s

Player speed: 1.25x

Crewmate vision: 0.5x

Fraud vision: 1.0x

Kill cooldown: 20.0s

Kill Distance: Short

Visual tasks: yes

General tasks: 1

Long tasks: 1

Short tasks: 2

You can also tweak the settings according to your needs, if you feel like a simple cheat you can add more missions.

Deceiver must confess

How to play hide and seek among us
The cheater has to admit that he is a cheater

The first thing to do after talking to friends about hide and seek mode is that the player who becomes a cheater has to admit that he is a cheater at the beginning. Why confess? Because the purpose of the game of hide and seek in Among Us is not to find out who the cheater is, but rather the cheater has to find all the crew members who are hiding.

Players who are scammers can use emergency meetings to admit they are scammers. If you’ve been connected through a call, be it a line call, WhatsApp, discord, etc.

Scammers count and crew members hide

After the player playing the role of the impostor reveals their identity, the game of hide and seek can begin. The impostor can count from 10 to 30 seconds while waiting for crew members to hide.

Another rule is that scammers are prohibited from sabotaging the game. Because it will get the crew members to fix the problem. Exception for lighting sabotage when crew members are hiding to add excitement to the game.

In addition, the fraudster is prohibited from using ventilation. Why? As we know, ventilation in one room is linked to another room. Fraudsters cannot move from one place to another as quickly as they want because of the ventilation.

For players who become crew members, you need to be careful and complete the mission in the shortest possible time before you get caught and killed by the cheater. The crew members here need to be able to walk in places that are difficult for the impostor to see, such as around the edges and corners of the room.

No report of dead crew members

Furthermore, whenever the fraudster manages to find one of his hidden crew members, he can kill him immediately. If other crew members find the bodies of crew members, there is no need to report, just let the bodies sleep peacefully. Because it can hinder the game and make crew members hide again.

Determination of the winner

To determine who the winner is: If all crew members successfully complete all missions before Impostor kills all crew members, then the crew members win. On the other hand, if the cheater succeeds in killing all of his crew members, the cheater becomes the champion.

This is a new game mode that is not set directly in the game. This hide-and-seek mode is just an alternative so players don’t get bored with the usual Among US game modes. How about you, are you interested in trying the hide and seek mode on Among Us? Much luck.

Do you have any other alternate modes among us? If so, say so in the comment column. Stay tuned for the latest article updates from Game that are sure to make your gaming experience even more fun and exciting, see you soon!

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