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How To Play & Earn Money From Game Island King

How To Play & Earn Money From Game Island King

Pikipo – How to play island king – Island king is a very fun game and you can play with family, friends or relatives at home. Besides that, the interesting thing about this game is the application that can make money like the tiktok application.

Island king itself includes a unique game besides money-making applications, this game can also fight for coins by defeating pirates and controlling the island. And you can also earn money by stealing coins from the greatest money king. The coins you get can later be turned into digital money.

With this gameplay, many people say that the Island King application is a fun money maker, this is because you can play games and earn money too.

Is it true that playing island king can earn money?

Yep, the answer is correct. You can get it by playing in the game island king and have to complete several missions to get the money.

For those who really want to get money in addition to pocket money, you can try playing the island king game. And if you’re having trouble getting money, take a look at the tutorial below.

How To Play & Earn Money From Game Island King

  1. Download and open the Island king app
  2. You choose the menu with a hammer picture
  3. Spend existing coins to buy some items and upgrade your buildings
  4. As you play keep upgrading your buildings and keep trying to upgrade them to higher levels
  5. To get the money, you click the cash menu
  6. After the balance appears, try to play the mission
  7. Click Go on the invite mission
  8. Press invite to share the code
  9. After the invitation code is divided, you can get money.
  10. Collect coins little by little, if you think you have collected a lot of coins you can make withdrawals

That’s information about how to play & earn money in the island king application. You can try the method I gave above and get experience playing the game but you can also make money.

Hopefully the article above is useful for all of you 🙂 see you next time guys.

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