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How to Pay for FIF Motorcycle Installments Through BCA Mobile, Cheap & Practical

JSMedia – Have you paid your FIF motorcycle installments this month? It turns out that now you can pay via m-banking. Even though you are used to using the application, the matter of paying bills is quite confusing. If you choose, it will end up being a hassle.

Actually there are many ways if you want to pay FIF bills. M-banking is one of the payment methods specially provided by Bank BCA for its customers who have FIF installment. This payment is being widely recommended because it is very practical and fast.

With mobile banking, payments can be made anytime and anywhere. No more late payments that lead to fines that are quite large for snacks. To avoid fines, know what the applicable requirements are if you want to use this service complete with tutorials.

Terms of Paying for FIF Motorcycles with BCA

Terms of Paying for FIF Motorcycles with BCA

Before paying any bill, you should read the terms and conditions. There are several things that must be considered when you want to pay installments for a FIF motorbike, namely the number of installments and also the contract number.

Of these two things, many are confused with the contract number. This special term FIF is the number that will be used to pay the installments when making transactions. Not infrequently many underestimate it because they do not understand its function, so they are confused when they want to transact again.

What if I forget or accidentally delete the number? Here’s a solution how to check the missing FIF contract number.

  • Checking the contract book given by FIF for the first time.
  • Do a question and answer on the dealer you trust.
  • Use the Hallo service to contact the FIF Call Center at 1500-343.
  • Check previous payment receipts. Usually the contract number is written there.
  • Or, just do a question and answer session via the Facebook chat service.

When asking, don’t just ask for the contract number. Check how many credit installments you have.

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How to Pay for FIF Motorcycles via BCA Mobile

How to Pay for FIF Motorcycles via BCA Mobile

Paying the FIF motorbike bill is not difficult if you understand how. In order not to be mistaken, here’s how to pay the FIF motorcycle loan installments.

1. Open the m-Banking BCA application

First, open the app named BCA Mobile. You can get this application on the Play Store or the App Store. Download and install the application as usual. For those of you who are using this application for the first time, activate your account via CS at the nearest BCA bank office.

Once open, you will see many menus with certain functions.

2. Enter the passcode

After activation, select the m-BCA menu and enter the access code. This code is a series of 6 digit numbers and letters to perform the login process. This code can only be obtained after you register an account.

3. Click the Payment menu for payment

After successfully logging in, select the m-Payment menu on the top right. This payment menu will direct you to the FIF motorbike installment option.

4. Select the Loan option

At this stage, many menus will appear. Select the Loans menu located at the bottom.

5. Filling in the contract number information

Next, you will be directed to fill in billing information. Click the first column, then select FIF as the recipient company name. Then, enter the customer number.

6. Recheck the billing detail information

After filling everything, click the Send button in the upper right corner. Make sure you have checked the information that appears. Starting from the due date, how many installments, the number of bills, and others. If everything is correct, click OK.

7. Enter BCA Mobile PIN

Before the transfer, you will be asked to enter a PIN code to confirm the payment. After successful, a pop up notification will appear again about the transaction. Bill payment has been paid for one month.

Follow the steps on how to pay for a FIF motorbike via m-banking BCA described above. After the payment is successful, the installment will be sent immediately. Follow the tutorial to make payments the following month. confirmed BCA Mobile Lamp.


You need to know, using BCA m-Banking is actually more profitable than using ATMs or supermarket outlets. The customer is not charged an admin fee for the transaction. It feels like paying installments is more practical, cheaper, and on time just by using BCA Mobile on your cellphone.


Can I pay my motorbike installments at FIF via BCA Mobile?

Currently, the FIF Motorcycle Installment transaction process can be paid through BCA Mobile.

Is it safe to pay motorbike installments through BCA Mobile?

Very Safe

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