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How to Overcome Moonton Login Verification, 100% Definitely Successful

JSMedia – There are many Mobile Legends users who complain that they can’t login because the verification code did not enter the email. Even though the email is still active. It turns out how to solve Moonton Login easily.

Mobile Legends is not always as perfect as its big name. Even though it has millions of users, Moonton sometimes has problems with the system, just like any other application. An example that users have been complaining about recently is the verification code. This happens when login and user asked for a verification code. However, it was hampered because the code did not enter the email so it could not enter the account. Even though the email is active.

Not only that, another example is wanting to change Moonton’s email or password but the link doesn’t go into the email. Bottom line, everything email-related is pending, fine unbind account or login secondary verification. This will make you angry because the login process becomes difficult and takes a long time. What is the cause of the problem?

Cause ML Verification Code Doesn’t Appear

Cause ML Verification Code Doesn't Appear

Verification codes that don’t come in for days make some users panic, especially for those of you who are new to this. It is advised to remain calm because in fact this problem has often occurred.

This problem continues to occur even though the seasons have changed. As if this problem was never taken care of. Even though it has reached almost 20 seasons.

After investigating, it turned out that this was caused by a bug from the developer. A bug is preventing the ML verification code from showing up. For those of you who are affected by this sign verification, take advantage of the following tutorial.

8 Ways to Bypass the Mobile Legends Login Verification Code

8 Ways to Bypass the Mobile Legends Login Verification Code

Here’s how to bypass verification when you log in using Facebook, VK, or Google Play. This method can also be used if your Moonton email is dead or blocked.

  1. Install the VNG Mobile Legends application on the cellphone.
  2. Enter the FB, VK, or Google Play account that you use to log in to ML.
  3. Click Doi Tai Khoan, and continue by clicking the next button and then OK.
  4. Account login in ML app. If it still fails, close the app and reopen it.
  5. Go to Account Settings in Profile, then uncheck “Second verification for new devices”.
  6. Log back in with your Moonton account, then click Sign In.
  7. If a notification appears, click OK.
  8. Account successfully logged in without verification.

10 Ways to Overcome ML Verification Not Appearing with Bug Reports

10 Ways to Overcome ML Verification Not Appearing with Bug Reports

If the previous method didn’t work, apply report. This method is also intended for those of you who want to change your Moonton email, unbind your FB account, or change your password. How do I send a report to solve the ML verification code that doesn’t appear in the email?

  1. On the Mobile Legends page, select the person image symbol on the top left side of the screen.
  2. Select number 5 to report a bug on the help page that appears.
  3. The customer service robot will reply to the complaint by sending a chat containing options to clarify the problem of not appearing in Mobile Legends verification.
  4. Select System Module Bug at number 3.
  5. Next will appear the words “Click here to fill out the form”. Click the option and then complete the form starting from the ID, server account, and how long this problem has been happening.
  6. Then, select the last option about Other System Problems.
  7. For the next question select number 2 which reads “I have tried it, but the problem is not resolved”.
  8. Then explain how the problem occurred in the next column. For those of you who do not speak English, fill in the following words: “Verification sign in code is not received to my email even I refresh all the time”
  9. To strengthen the report, include a screenshot image related to the problem login
  10. Then just click Submit.

That’s the information about the cause and how to solve the login verification code Mobile Legends which does not appear in the email. Practice the methods listed above, especially the second method by reporting bugs.

If the report is only submitted by a few people then it will not produce any solution. Therefore, let’s do it together report. more and more report If there is a login bug that is submitted, it is very likely that the Moonton developer will solve it soon.

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