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How to Make a Touman FF Logo Nickname, Like in the Tokyo Revengers Anime

JSMedia – Tokyo Revengers is an anime that is currently popular and viral. The anime tells the story of gangs of schoolchildren who fight each other.

Now one of the main gangs in the anime is Tokyo Manji or more commonly known as the Touman Gang. The gang is a favorite of many Tokyo Revengers fans, even among Free Fire players.

So, for this reason, with the popularity of this anime, many FF players have also changed their nicknames with the Tokyo Manji (Touman) logo. So, do you also want to know? how to change FF nick with Touman logo?

What is Touman Tokyo Revengers

Free Fire Toman Logo

As explained above, Touman stands for Tokyo Manji. A main gang in the Tokyo Revengers series. The gang consists of Mickey, Draken, Keisuke Baji, Takashi Hitsuya, Takemichi Hanagaki etc.

The Tokyo series itself tells the story of Hanagaki Takemichi, someone who is considered a loser all his life. All he had was a lover named Tachibana Hinata.

Free Fire Toman Logo

But unfortunately his lover was killed due to the feud of the Tokyo Manji gang. But one day, Takemichi mysteriously returns 12 years to the past when he was still in middle school.

This is a great opportunity that Takemichi gets to change the future. Where he must try to save his lover from being killed.

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How to Make a Touman Free Fire Logo

The Tokyo Revengers anime is indeed trending and viral everywhere. So it is not surprising that many are carried away with the story. Now the Touman gang itself also has a distinctive logo that is similar to the Swastika.

Lots of FF players are now imitating the touman logo and putting it on their nickname. So, do you want to try it too? Just take a look at the following tutorial:

Free Fire Toman Logo

1. First copy the following Touman gang logo
2. After that open your Free Fire game.
3. Then go to the FF Profile menu.
4. After that tap the pencil mark to edit.
5. Just paste the logo that was copied earlier.
6. Make sure you have enough DM or rename card.
7. Congratulations, your nickname already has the touman logo.


That’s a little explanation about how to add the Touman logo to the Free Fire nickname. This series is indeed popular and viral, including among Free Fire players. If you don’t want to miss the trend, please follow the tutorial above.

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