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How To Make Photos So Sing With Reface Pro APK Android

JSMedia – Have you seen a photo on social media that can sing? Or the face of an artist in the video can be replaced with ours? Now you can do it all with an application called Reface Pro APK.

This one app is indeed viral among millennial youth. Because with Reface Pro APK we can swap faces with other people or make a photo sing. So what are you curious about? Just take a look at the following discussion.

What is Reface Pro APK?

How to Edit Face Swap

That is an application that is useful for changing a person’s face in a photo or video by utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology. The artificial intelligence system can make us exchange someone’s face with Deepface technology so that it looks so real and real

So you can swap the faces of international artists with your own and the results are very nice and neat. Besides being able to be used to swap faces, Reface Pro APK also has a feature to make photos so they can sing.

This edit is also going viral on social media because it can turn a silent photo into a song. You may have seen one of the results widely spread on social media such as Facebook.

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Features of Reface Pro APK

How to Edit Face Swap

Now to get to know more about this photo and video editing application, let’s find out what are the features in it. For the Pro version, which Jakarta Studio will share for free, it has a number of excellent features, including:

1. Face Swap Feature

One of the main features of this Reface Pro APK app is the face swap feature. Where with Deepfake technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence, now we can easily edit people’s faces and replace them with our faces.

2. Turn Photos into Singing

In addition to being able to replace other people’s faces with ours, this one app can also be used to change photos to be able to sing, you know. So it will be as if your photos can move and sing like international artists.

3. No Watermark

One of the advantages of the Pro version of this application is that there is no watermark. So you don’t have to worry anymore about the watermark that sometimes interferes with the edits from this Reface application.

Download Reface Pro APK Free

For those of you who are so curious and want to immediately try this Reface Pro APK application, Jakarta Studio will share the link for free. You can directly Download Reface Pro APK This is then installed and installed on your respective Android phones.

Then just try all the interesting features in it. You can use it to edit face swaps with international artists. It can also be used to change photos to move and sing like those that are viral on social media like the one on TikTok.

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How to Edit Face Swap and Become a Singer

The editing method is also very easy, because as previously mentioned, this app uses AI technology. So that it can process the photos or videos that we use automatically without the need to manually edit them. For more details, see the following tutorial:

How to Edit Face Swap

1. First open the Reface Pro APK application
2. Then tap the (+) option at the bottom menu.
3. Then Add Video, Image or GIF.
4. Select a photo or video from your gallery.
5. Wait for the application to analyze the photo/video.
6. Next, just select the edit feature you want to use.
7. To swap faces, select the Swap face option.
8. Tap the Add option to add the face you want to swap.
9. Select another photo from your gallery again.
10. You can also take a selfie for the replacement face.
11. Wait for the app to process it until the faces are successfully swapped.

How to Edit Face Swap

12. Meanwhile, to make him sing, tap the Animate feature.
13. There are many choices of songs that you can choose.
14. Next tap the Animate Image option.
15. Wait until the refaceing process is successful.
16. If you have, all you have to do is tap the Share option to share the results.
17. Select the Save option to save the result to the gallery.
18. Is it really that easy? Just try it.


That’s the way to edit face swaps with other people or make photos sing with Reface Pro APK. Use the application to be creative and share the results on social media. Who knows it can go viral and get a lot of views. Hopefully it’s helpful and useful.

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