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How To Make Aesthetic Notes In Ms Word

How To Make Aesthetic Notes In Ms Word

How To Make Aesthetic Notes In Ms Word – Have you ever felt bored when you wanted to take notes on your study activities?

Now taking notes is an important thing in a teaching and learning activity, remembering with the help of our notes it becomes easier to understand the contents of the topic of the note. The contents of the note itself have several topics that must be explained briefly, informatively and clearly because there is not much space to make many sentences in our notes.

The footnote usually contains the meaning, elements, objectives, introduction, procedures, characteristics, origins and much more. Nowadays, many people make notes that are more attractive in order to make them look aesthetic. This is to reduce boredom with an ordinary note display. And what is no less important is that it makes you enthusiastic in learning and doesn’t make you feel sleepy Hehe.

For those who are still confused about how to make cool notes in Ms word and want to beautify the appearance of their study notes to make them more attractive and look aesthetic. You can follow a tutorial on how to create notes in digital media like creating in a notebook.

How to Make Aesthetic Notes in Microsoft word

Well, make sure your Microsoft word is at least using the 2010 version so you can save the file using the pdf format. Or you can use Microsoft word 2007 but if on a laptop you must have wps office to save it to pdf.

• First open Ms word

• Write the title of your note

• Prepare a unique font, you can download it at dafont.com

• Extract the font that was downloaded earlier

• Open the extracted file and then install it

• After that change the font type with the installed font

• To make the title look good, open the pastel brush stroke

• Select the desired image and save the image

• Select the insert menu

• Click the picture and select the image that is applied

• Select the format menu and crop the brush image

• Click wrap text then select behind text

• Do it like this on other text in Ms word

To make aesthetic footnotes, I recommend using a laptop or PC, guys. because it will be easier to edit it and the menu display is also more complete when compared to smartphones.

That was the discussion about how to make aesthetic-looking footnotes in Microsoft word. If you feel confused about the way I gave you, you can write your question in the comments column.

Thank you for visiting and I hope this article is useful for all of you.

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