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How to Mabar Among Us With Friends

How to Mabar Among Us With Friends

How to Mabar Among Us On Android With Friends

Pikipo – Amog Us, a friendship destroyer game that is currently on the rise.

For those of you who like this game but are confused because when you play you always play with strangers you don’t know, while you yourself want to enjoy this game with your own friends.

This time I will give a tutorial on how to get along in the Among Us game with friends.

How to Mabar Among Us On Android With Friends

1. Create a room

The first step is that you have to create a Room first by selecting on the HOST menu.

In the host menu, select the game rules according to your wishes. After that you will enter the Room or room and there will be a Private Code at the bottom.

The private code is the key for other players to enter the room you created.

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2. Enter Room

After you successfully create a room and get the Private Code, now it’s just your friends who enter the room by selecting the Private menu and then Enter Code.

Enter the Code Room that you had earlier and you managed to enter the same room.

Keep in mind, so that you can enter the same room, you must also choose the same server as your friends. The location of the server is in the lower right corner.

So, that was the way to be able to grow up in the Among Us game, easy isn’t it.

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A few tips to make your game more exciting is to create a discord group and play it with your friends so you don’t have to bother writing messages.

Hope it is useful.

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