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How to Level Fast The Legend of Neverland

How to Level Fast The Legend of Neverland

Pikipo – Hello everyone welcome to Pikipo. On this occasion, Mimin wants to share how to Level Up quickly in The Legend of Neverland game.

Game The Legend of Neverland is a very interesting MMORPG game. Carrying graphics that can be said to be similar – similar to Ghensin Impact but the game The Legend of Neverland is not too burdensome for our devices.

In the game The Legend of Neverland, there are important things that you must pay attention to, namely the matter of Level and BP. The level in The Legend of Neverland game is very important because it will make it very easy for us in the game, especially to defeat strong enemies.

In addition to levels, there is also BP. BP here is the currency used in the game The Legend of Neverland. Now for those of you who want to level up quickly and easily in this game, you can just follow the tips and tricks that the admin will explain below.

How to Quickly Level Up The Legend of Neverland

  • Complete the Main Mission or Main Quest First

The first step you have to do to level up your character quickly, you can complete the Main Quest first so that all of your skills are unlocked. Main Quest here is important considering the amount of EXP you will get is very large and the missions you have to do are also very easy.

The second way to level up quickly is to complete an EXP Poll. There are several stages in the EXP Pool, you can get EXP for your character or flower Fairy. In this EXP Pool we will fight many enemies with a limited time. Please complete the EXP Pool according to the recommendations from the game system according to your level.

Not inferior to the Main Quest, Daily Quest or Harisan Mission, it is also one of the mandatory things that we must complete if we want to quickly level up our characters. The mission in the Daily Quest is also not difficult, so don’t miss it.

Similar to the Daily Quest, Overcome this Quest also provides a lot of EXP but the missions we have to do are also quite difficult. So do it in the order of the tips above to make it easier to complete.

In this Step Up Dance, we will dance or dance in the field. What’s unique about Step Up is that the amount of EXP will be multiplied if we Step Up or Dance with the number of people who are dancing.

We can use this Auto Battle feature when we are busy or bored for leveling. So before you go away for long, you can activate this Offline Battle feature.

That was how to Level The Legend of Neverland quickly. Leveling in this game is limited every day, so if the EXP you get has exceeded the limit, then your level will not increase and the EXP limit will be reset again the next day.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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