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How to Gift Zem and Coins to Other Players on Zepeto

How to Gift Zem on Zepeto – Hello gamers friends, back again with pikipoo. Today, Mimin wants to talk about the Zepeto game again. Curious what the topic is? So .. immediately see the article below.

Everyone must have known about Zepeto, right? Yep, that’s a social networking application that can make 3D characters while allowing users to also create 3D digital avatars. not only that, players can also make friends with other players in the Zepeto game.

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It is known that currently the Zepeto application is back in demand along with the many updates made by game developers. Of course, this has an impact on the increasing popularity of the Zepeto game.

About Zem and Coin

Just for those who don’t know. Zem is a blue diamond-shaped coin that you can use to buy various clothing items, upload images to make your profile photo and the most interesting thing is that with zem you can buy premium accessories outfits.

Of course there are many interesting things that can be done when we have a lot of zem. Well, the problem is that you can’t get zem for free or you can top up in codashop first.

How to Gift Zem on Zepeto

For those who don’t have zem to buy some interesting items on the zepeto application, don’t worry you can ask your friends who have lots of zem coins. Loh, can the zem be given as a gift? Yes, you can.

If you still don’t understand how to gift zem on zepeto, try following the tutorial I gave below.

  1. First go to itemku.com
  2. Click the search field and write zepeto
  3. You choose the amount of coins or zem that will be gifted
  4. After that write down the ID/zepeto code
  5. Then click add to cart
  6. Check the shopping cart which is located in the top corner
  7. Click buy on the selected zem
  8. Well, just check the zem until it reaches the recipient

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Note: Before gift zem or coins, you should first know the zepeto code of the friend who will be gifted zem.

The final word

How are you guys? how easy is it to gift zem on zepeto? Please write your opinion in the comments column.

That’s the discussion about how to gift zem in the zepeto application which is currently popular. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.

Thanks for reading and enjoy guys

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