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How To Get Swagger FF Sauce Bundle On Hacker Store

JSMedia – Did you know that now Bundle Sauce Swagger FF already available in Hacker Store? Make sure to get this super cool bundle right away.

If it is available on the Hacker Store, it means you can have this Swagger Sauce Bundle at a low price.

Curious how to get it? So, what is the price of this bundle? Make sure you listen to this discussion to get a lot of information about the Swagger FF Sauce Bundle.

Bundle Sauce Swagger FF On Hacker Store

Bundle Sauce Swagger FF On Hacker Store

For your information, this Swagger Sauce Bundle has appeared on the Hacker Store since September 2021. Immediately find complete information about bundling here on the Hacker Store so you don’t miss it.

There are two choices of prizes that you can get at the Hacker Store. Do you want to get the main prize, or just the second prize?

Want to know what are the prizes at the Hacker Store this September? Let’s take a look at the list.

Grand Prize List

  • Bundle Sauce Swagger
  • Wilderness Hunter Bundle
  • Bundle Famine Felon
  • White Eagle
  • 5 Incubator Vouchers
  • 15 Loot Crate AK47 Flame

Then, what about the second prize? Is it as exciting as the grand prize? Here’s the leak for you.

Second Prize List

  • Sassy Swagger Turquoise (Head)
  • 5 Incubator Vouchers
  • 5 Weapon Royale Vouchers
  • 5 Diamonds Vouchers
  • Guardian Gloo Wall
  • Hello emoticons

After seeing the list, then you are interested in choosing which gift?

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How to Get the FF Swagger Sauce Bundle

How to Get the FF Swagger Sauce Bundle

The first step you must take to get the Bundle Sauce Swagger Free Fire of course is to visit the Hacker Store. After successfully logging in, do it immediately spin there.

To be able to do spin in the Hacker Store, then you must have diamonds. Follow these steps, as a way spin Bundle Store Sauce Swagger.

  1. Login to the Sauce Swagger FF event at the Hacker Store
  2. Put a tickg on the choice of gift you want. If you want the Swagger Sauce Bundle, then of course you should choose the grand prize.
  3. Click on the Continue button, then after that select Continue again as a form of confirmation of the choice of prizes.
  4. After confirming the prize, select Click for Spin. Click the Continue menu to get started spin.
  5. Spin will show you the prize you got. To be able to claim the prize, you need click the Continue button.

Haven’t got the Swagger Sauce Bundle yet? Repeat the process spin until you get the prize you want.

Price Swagger Free Fire Sauce Bundle

Price Swagger Free Fire Sauce Bundle

There is no exact price of the Swagger Sauce Bundle in this Hacker Store. Why is that so? This is because the price depends on how many times you do spin. The less you do it, the cheaper it will be.

If you can get the Swagger Free Fire Sauce Bundle in just one time spin, then you will only issue diamonds as many as 9 pieces. Compare if you can only get the bundle on spin the sixth.

The current most expensive price for the Swagger Sauce Bundle on the Hacker Store is 1394 pieces diamonds. This number is for a total of six times spin. How to calculate diamondshis? Check out these details.

  • Spin first 9 diamonds
  • Spin second 29 diamonds
  • Spin third 59 diamonds
  • Spin fourth 99 diamonds
  • Spin fifth 199 diamonds
  • Spin sixth 999 diamonds

Try to add up the whole diamonds needed, it will get the number 1.394 diamonds. The price is quite fantastic to get the Bundle Sauce Swagger.

Don’t want to miss the Swagger FF Sauce Bundle? Just visit the Hacker Store and do it spin. Good luck.


What is Swagger FF Sauce Bundle?

The Sauce Swagger FF Bundle is the Latest Bundle as the main prize at the FF Hacker Store Event in September 2021.

Really Free Spin at Hacker Store?

There is no exact price for the Swagger Sauce Bundle on the Hacker Store.

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